Indosat Free Quota Quiz: Get Data Up To 10GB – There may be MyIm3 Ooredo card users who don’t know Indosat’s free quota quiz. Yep, a quiz that allows users to get rewards quota of 10GB.

This quiz, which is intended for Indosat card customers, is quite easy to do. Because, users only need to answer 1 correct question out of 10 questions that will be given.

So, what is this quiz with Indosat free quota prizes? and how to join this program?

For more information, please read this article to the end so that Indosat card users know complete information regarding the free quota program with this Indosat Ooredo quiz method.

What is Indosat Free Quota Quiz?

Indosat Free Quota Quiz is a quiz specifically designed for loyal customers of this card.

Indosat customers who take part in this free internet program can get a quota of 10GB only by answering at least 1 question out of 10 correct questions.

However, to be able to join and play Indosat’s free quota, users need to pay IDR 1000/day (inc VAT).

How To Take This Free Quota Quiz Program?

There are several ways so that you can join the free internet program issued by the Indosat provider. Among others are:

  • First, participants need to type SMS REGKK then send it to 99386
  • Furthermore, if the participant receives a confirmation SMS. Tap ‘YES’ to continue registration.
  • Then, participants will get a subscription notification.
  • Participants will receive SMS content containing a link at a rate of Rp. 1000/day (inc VAT) for 180 days.
  • Participants answer the questions given on the SMS link.
  • Participants will get a gift according to the number of correct answers.
  • For participants who want to stop participating in the program or subscribe, they can send UNREG KK SMS to 99386.

Count of Indosat Quota Quiz Rewards Given

The IM3 Kuis Kuota program will share internet data directly without drawing a draw. Indosat has also provided details of the prize. Here are the details:

  • Question 1 = 05 MB
  • Problem 2 = 10 MB
  • Problem 3 = 15 MB
  • Question 4 = 30 MB
  • Question 5 = 50 MB

Double Bonus

  • Question 6 = 75 MB + 75 MB
  • Question 7 = 100 MB
  • Problem 8 = 500 MB
  • Problem 9 = 1 GB
  • Question 10 = 10 GB

That’s a series of quota prizes that will be given to Indosat card customers who are still active and correctly answer this free quota quiz.

Prizes will be sent directly within 1×24 hours after the quiz game from Indosat ends.

10GB prize can only be achieved in 1 time\ day. Customers can have the opportunity to get prizes again the next day.

Is the Indosat 10GB Free Quota Quiz still valid?

It is known that Indosat’s MyIM3 free quota program is only valid for a few months.

We quote from im3kuiskuota.idperiod campaign this is only valid on 11 November 2022 – 9 July 2022 aka already expired.

So, for those of you who have not followed and want to participate in this program, you may have to be patient. Because Indosat has not reopened it yet.

However, if Indosat Hutchison reopens it, we will provide complete information on this website.

So, please continue to follow the development of this web to find out the latest information about cheap quotas, free quotas, or all things about Indosat Ooredo.

This is the information we can convey. I hope the above article is useful for you. especially for those of you who are curious and want to join Indosat’s free quota program with rewards 10 GB of this. Thank you and hopefully useful.