Indosat Reserved Vouchers? Here’s How To Overcome It – When someone wants to top up their Indosat quota, sometimes they fail to activate the voucher they bought. When checked, it turns out that there is a notification that provides a snippet of the sentence ‘indosat reserved voucher’.

Notification of reserved vouchers or not being able to enter this voucher is not without reason. Because, there might be something that doesn’t match whether it’s the voucher number, the validity period of the voucher, or our own Indosat number.

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to the problem of Indosat reserved vouchers and how to solve them. For that, please read this article to the end to find out the complete information.

What is Indosat Reserved Voucher

Voucher Reserved Indosat is a condition where users cannot enter the Indosat voucher card they bought. This condition is often experienced by Indosat prepaid cards, which often use the data reload method using vouchers.

Failing to enter this voucher is also quite a complex problem to deal with. The reason is, sometimes users are in a state of urgency and want to use the quota.

So, when the Indosat voucher cannot be activated or ‘reserved’, there will be a sense of disappointment and want to immediately find out how to deal with this reserved or unable to enter Indosat voucher.

Cause of Indosat Reserved Voucher (Failed to enter)

Before looking for a solution to this problem, Indosat customers need to know the reason why the Indosat card reserved voucher notification appears.

Actually, there are several factors that make this notification appear which makes the voucher fail to be entered, including:

  • The voucher’s active period is over
  • Invalid voucher code or wrong voucher code input
  • Unreadable voucher code
  • Indosat quota does not enter

We often find that it is the wrong code input factor that makes your quota voucher fail to be entered. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when entering the 16 digit Indosat voucher code that you purchased.

How to Overcome Indosat Reserved Vouchers

For those of you who experience this kind of condition, don’t be confused or confused. Because, there are several ways that you can use the Indosat vouchers you bought again.

Well, below we have provided tips and tricks on how to solve the problem of reserved vouchers or failed to be entered. So that you know the solution to the problems you are currently facing.

  • Make sure you comply with the voucher usage guide on the back of the vc.
  • Make sure MMI code and Network is stable
  • Go to the purchasing outlet for assistance with this reserved voucher issue.
  • Call Indosat call center at number 815, Rp 400\Call

Terms and Conditions for Filling Indosat Quota Voucher

A little information, for customers who want to know the terms and conditions for the contents of Indosat quota vouchers to anticipate the occurrence of invalid voucher codes, expired vouchers, until the incoming quota and credit are too long due to pending, can follow the following requirements.

  • Make sure the cellphone number and quota voucher have an active period that is still alive.
  • Cancel the package or UNREG if the number is still associated with another package.
  • The number has been properly registered, according to the NIK and KK number 4444.
  • If the above conditions have been met, then restart the cellphone to start entering the Voucher.
  • If the internet package reload transaction via physical voucher fails or does not enter as well. So, it is possible that the Indosat provider center is experiencing interference or trouble. For further information, please contact Indosat’s call center.

How to Enter Indosat Voucher Code

To minimize failure to enter the voucher code, then please follow the steps below to process the physical voucher input properly and correctly.

  • Rub the Indosat physical voucher hologram mark.
  • A 14-16 digit code will appear.
  • Then, visit the Call application and type *556*Voucher Code#. For example, *556*87868584838281# then click Call\OK
  • Wait for the message notification telling you that the data package top up was successful.
  • Internet quota filling through Indosat vouchers has been completed. Happy!

That’s a little information that we can convey related to the issue of vouchers reserved by the same Indosat card subscriber. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. That’s all and please try