Instagram Can’t Translate Solution – Some time ago Instagram’s translation feature didn’t work, which caused users to not know the meaning of the text of the story or the status of IG users who used other languages.

This Instagram translation error can’t be used starting from a warning ‘cannot load translation’ or ‘sorry, we can’t translate this, please try again in a minute’ on other IG users’ posts and stories.

This also makes people wonder, why can’t Instagram translate? What are the reasons that load this can happen and how to solve it?.

Well, below we will try to provide a brief explanation regarding why ig can’t translate into Indonesian or other languages. So, please read this article to the end to find out the complete information.

Translate feature on Instagram

Before going to the core of the discussion, we will give a little review related to the translation feature in this Instagram application.

The IG translation feature is a feature that allows users to understand the meaning of the text or writings of IG users who use other languages. This service can be enjoyed in several sections, such as Stories, feeds, profiles, and comments.

How to use the translate feature is also quite easy. Because users just choose which Stories, feeds, profiles, or comments they want to translate. Then the words ‘see translation’ will appear which when you click it will bring up the translation of the text.

Keep in mind that the Instagram app’s translating feature only applies to text typed by other users. Not in the form of images or text in the uploaded photos.

Why Can’t Instagram Translate?

Warning appears Sorry, we can’t translate this, please try again more or less give problems for users of the IG social media application. Because he doesn’t know the meaning of foreign language texts written by friends, idols, or other users.

This problem is not caused by the IG translation feature being disabled. Because there is no way to enable translation on Instagram, and this feature appears automatically without needing to be activated.

So, what causes this to happen? Here are some reasons why Instagram can’t translate.

  1. Instagram system and server error: the first reason is a problem with the system and the Instagram application server. This can be suspected because of an improvement or a problem with the application system that causes the translation or translation feature to not work properly.
  2. Internet connection is not stable: Recently, several network card providers in Indonesia such as Tri and Telkomsel are having problems. This also allows the translation feature on IG to not work properly.

Instagram Solution Can’t Translate

Here are some tricks so that the translation feature in your Instagram application can return to normal. Please try:

  • Make sure the Instagram application is the latest and most updated version.
  • Make sure the wifi network or internet quota is still there and can be used.
  • Clean IG app junk. If you need to delete other applications that make the performance of the Instagram apk less than optimal.

That’s the information we can convey regarding why Instagram can’t translate. Now you know the reason why this happens and how to fix it. Thank you and hopefully useful.