Instagram Feedback Required When Login? Here’s How To Overcome It – Instagram application users, whether they are Android or iPhone users, may be confused when they get notifications Feedback Required Instagram Login. So that makes the activity of use can not be done.

The emergence of Feedback Required on Instagram occurs because this social media application is experiencing problems error or problems. So that users who usually log in and out of IG accounts cannot access it.

Many of the IG users complain about the problem instagram feedback required this. On average they question the reason why this can happen and want to know how to overcome it.

Therefore, below we will provide complete information about why Instagram says feedback is required when logging in. Please read carefully so that you understand and know how to solve it. Also Read: Freerealfollower com Instagram, Free Followers Increase Site

Why Instagram Feedback Required When Login

Please note that there is a reason why this Instagram Feedback Required can appear in the application you are using. There are at least two reasons behind the emergence of this paper.

  • First, the IG server is experiencing overload in carrying out activities, users are still using the old version, and so on. So the application requires an update due to a system error. This can trigger the appearance of the Feedback Required text.
  • Secondtags or hashtags that users have created when commenting on a post without knowing that the hashtag has been banned by IG also causes the Feedback Required error notification problem to appear.

Therefore, before using a tag, hashtag, or hashtag the user needs to determine whether or not such use is prohibited. Because, we don’t know that this activity is prohibited on IG app or not.

So, how to overcome this IG feedback required when logging in, min? Is there a special trick to do it? More details, please check below!

How to Overcome Feedback Required on Instagram

Please note, the appearance of feedback required in the IG application when a user logs in only occurs to users who want to log in. And some users who do bind their Instagram accounts in the application (login without logging in) do not experience this feedback required problem.

Therefore, below we will share ways so that you can use IG again, namely using web media or the official Instagram site to be able to log into it, here are the details on how.

  1. Go to the official IG website at
  2. Log in using your Instagram account’s phone number, username, or email and password.
  3. Wait for the login process to take place, then when it’s finished you can use your IG account again.

Then, if you want to log in using the application, how do you do it, min?

Please also note, this feedback required problem is not permanent, aka it can disappear without doing anything. It’s just that users need to be patient to be able to log into their Instagram account again if they use the application.

In addition, make sure that the user is using the latest or most updated Instagram application. For bugs or problems that exist in the old version of the application, it can be quickly resolved, and you can watch video reels or create insta stories again.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the Instagram Feedback Required notification. Now you know the reason why this can happen and know how to deal with it. Use the method above so that users can login to Instagram without the feedback required text appearing again. Thank you and hopefully useful.