Instagram SMS Verification Code Solution Not Received

Instagram has a strict security system like Facebook, where there is a 2factor authenticator feature that serves to add double security to the account in the form of a special verification code. So only the account owner can open it.

The verification code is sent via SMS to the number that has been added to the account. But in some cases, someone can’t get the SMS verification code so there’s no way to access the account.

Obstacles with verification codes that do not enter can be caused by: three things. This includes between Instagram system errors, the occurrence of trouble with the mobile card, or from the cellphone side. But you don’t need to worry, because this problem still has a solution to overcome it.

Overcoming Instagram SMS Verification Code Not Received

Some of the solutions shared here you can apply starting from the first step so that the results are effective. That’s because the cause of this cannot be known directly. Therefore, by trying one by one it is possible to solve this problem.

1. Ensure Cellular Card Has No Problem

Trouble with cellular cards is rare, but once it happens, it will have an impact on several things, such as not being able to receive SMS and calls from other numbers. The solution is to contact the mobile card operator.

You can contact him via social media accounts or by phone. Of course they will ask several things related to the problem such as the location of the incident, the type of signal, and so on.

Sometimes the operator will help to make support ticket which will be updated gradually if the condition of the cellular card is in trouble.

2. Reset Message Center and Disable Spam Blocker Features

Message Center or commonly referred to as SMSC has a high role to receive or send SMS. If you set it wrong even a little, the message will definitely not be sent or received.

So please reset message center number correctly in messaging settings. And besides regarding the message center, you also need to disable the feature spam blocker when available on the phone.

Feature spam blocker has the goal of automatically deleting messages that are considered harmful or annoying, but the verification code from Instagram can sometimes be considered annoying. For that please temporarily turn off the feature if any.

3. Error from Instagram System

Not everything can be caused from our side as users, because sometimes Instagram also has problems, be it from the server side or there are other problems that cause this to happen.

If the problem is indeed from Instagram, then there is no other way except wait until they fix it. Because as users, we can only enjoy its features, and cannot improve its features.

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4. Change Number Whenever Possible

Some users can solve this problem by changing their phone number. However the option to change the number does not always appear. But if you find this option available, please immediately try using another phone number.

Some users can also overcome this by fishing in advance the phone number to be filled. For example, first writing a random number with the country code of America, for example +17071234567 and after that click the back button and use the original number. Then the verification code can definitely be received.

This method may be a little unreasonable, but it never hurts to try, considering that some have had success using this trick.

Those are just some of the solutions that I can share to overcome the problem of not receiving SMS verification codes from Instagram. As long as this problem is not caused by the Instagram system, then you still have a chance to fix it.

Meanwhile, if the problem is from the Instagram side, then there is no other way but to wait until the system is completely fixed. And if you have any additions or other solutions regarding this problem, you are very welcome to share them in the comments column to help other users.

Hopefully useful and good luck