Is the Oppo A16 Water Resistant? This is the explanation – Oppo a16 is here to meet the market entry level with a variety of excellent features in it. One of them is relied on for activities related to water.

As we already know, the HP Oppo A16 which is present at a price of Rp. 1,999,000 for RAM3/32 GB and Rp. 2,499,000 for RAM 4/64GB, has specifications that are quite good in its class.

The combination of HD + Eye care screen, large enough storage and a battery capacity of up to 5000 mAh certainly makes people eager to try the Oppo HP which is included in this A series.

Moreover, the presence of IPX4 Waterproof certification & precision quality tests that make the Oppo a16 series able to provide protection in every activity outdoor users, especially from water splashes.

So, is it true that the Oppo A16 is really waterproof? Or is it just splash resistant? To find out the answer to this. Let’s look at the full description related to the Oppo a16 waterproof feature.

Is the Oppo A16 Water Resistant?

Oppo A16 comes with IPX4 Waterproof certification and various precision quality tests. One of the precision tests carried out is the presence of 5 layers of protection that this HP brings.

To achieve this protection, the A16 goes through a variety of test tests. Among them are resistance to fall from a certain height, water resistance, radiation, climate, and not to miss a signal.

In fact, this Oppo a16 series passed several trials, be it 50+ production process control tests, 130+ reliability tests and also 320+ experimental tests. So you can rely on this cellphone for activities in the water.

Some of the tests we took from the YouTube channel who wanted to try the a16’s resistance to water also gave positive results. Where when water is sprayed onto the device, both the front and rear body, everything is still running normally.

In addition, there is also a trial by dipping the Oppo A16 cellphone into the swimming pool for approximately 10 seconds, and taking a quick picture in the water. The overall function of this device is also normal.

This means that the oppo a16 series is able to withstand splashes and splashes of water. In short, HP entry level This Oppo can survive in water in a not too long period of time.

Oppo A16 Waterproof Benefits

For people who want to buy or already have this cellphone, maybe some of the benefits waterproof on the Oppo a16 this can make you more comfortable for activities outside the home.
There are 4 benefits that you can get from this Oppo a16 waterproof feature, namely:

  • Don’t worry when it rains.
  • No need to buy a special HP protector.
  • Makes it easy for users to take pictures of underwater scenes.
  • The phone remains safe even when exposed to water for a certain time.

Those are some of the advantages of the Oppo A16 as one of the HP with water resistance. In essence, this HP protection feature is able to minimize user worries when there is rain or there is a lot of water.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the question of whether the Oppo A16 is waterproof. I hope the little information we share is useful for prospective or HP users of the Indonesian Oppo brand.

Even though it already has IPX4 Waterproof certification, we recommend that users still pay attention when playing around the sea or pool. Use a special bag to protect your cellphone from being exposed to excessive water. Thank you and hopefully useful