Jakcloth Jember Village, Nearby Hotels and Restaurants

Portalsitaro.com – Have you heard of Kampung Jakcloth Jember? Yep, an entertainment and shopping area outdoor which can be a destination for young people in the Jember area.

The area, which is named ‘Kampung Jakcloth – Seven Dream City’, stands on a field with an area of ​​3 hectares with the words ‘Jakcloth’ in red as the center of this village area.

Jakcloth Jember itself is an event that contains various leading clothing brands in Indonesia. Carrying interesting themes and a variety of content that focuses on young people such as music, band performances, graffiti & murals, videography, and so on.

Jakcloth Jember Village

A little information about Jakcloth. The Jakclothing (Jakarta Cloting Expo) event was first held in 2011 which took place only in the capital city of Jakarta. However, over time, this event began to spread to cities in Indonesia.

Not all big cities in Indonesia are visited by this clothing event. Some of them are Surabaya, Lampung, Bekasi, Cikarang, Bandung, Bogor, Yogjakarta, Denpasar and not to be missed is Jember.

Amazingly, each of the cities visited by this Jakcloth event, brought the concept of an event that was just as interesting as one another. Of course, this event will present well-known domestic bands.

The Jakcloth event which stopped in the city of Jember was in the Jakcloth Jember village area. The location itself is around Jalan Slamet Riadi, Baratan-Patrang, Jember, East Java.

Hotels near Jakcloth Jember Village

There are several hotels that you can stay in if you want to take part in this Jakcloth Jember event, from a distance of 1.78km to 5.77 km. Among others are:

  • GREEN HILL Homestay and Convention Center
  • OYO 603 Ebizz Hotel
  • InnBox Capsule Hotel
  • Rembangan Hotel and Restaurant
  • Aston Jember Hotel & Conference Center

Those are some hotels that we think are quite close to the location of the village of Jakcloth Jember which is the place to be clothing events leading in Indonesia. Furthermore, we will also provide information about some restaurants that you might be able to stop by if you pass by.

Restaurants near JakCloth Jember Village

The following is a list of restaurants located around the JakCloth village area in Jember. Who knows you are interested in visiting there.

  1. Wasabi Sushi
  2. Gephok Pak Giek
  3. Jember Parikshit Block Cake
  4. Kolong Cafe
  5. Brother’s Coffee Bar

Please search for the hotel and restaurant you want to visit via Google Maps to get directions to the destination location. To make it easier for visitors to enjoy the city of Jember before the event takes place.

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This is the information we can convey regarding JakCloth Jember. We hope that the little information we provide is useful for people who are curious to visit and have a look clotting event in the Jember area. so much and hopefully useful.