Jihan Putri Aisyah Roblox: Age and WA Number

Portalsitaro.com – Who doesn’t know Jihan Putri Aisyah? Roblox game YouTubers who have this adorable voice, many people like it.

Until this article was written, Jihan and his younger siblings named Sultan and Masya on the YouTube channel ‘Jihan Putri Aisyah’ have gained 700 thousand subscribers. A hefty amount for these little Youtubers.

On his YT channel, Jihan often uploads content about Roblox games, whether it’s tutorials, horrors, mysteries, challenges, and so on. With the characteristics of content that is uplifting and entertains the audience.

Jihan Putri Aisyah Roblox

Jihan doesn’t only focus on content about Roblox, he has previously played the Gacha Life game, of course, with his two younger siblings.

In this gacha life, this teenager who is still in junior high school often shares mini movie content, as well as tutorials about content creation in the gacha game.

Finally, with the recommendation of her younger sister, Jihan Putri, she finally made content about Roblox that was accepted by the audience and continues to this day. Also Read: Latest BTS Roblox Song ID

Jihan Princess Aisyah’s Age

Julybe there is a subscriber, Sis Jihan Aisyah, who is curious about this creator’s content. Because, apart from never doing face camera, he also seems closed about his life. Even the photos are not posted on his YouTube account.

Referring to the content ‘Answering Questions From You All’ from the celebration of his 400 thousand subscribers, Jihan gave some information about himself. Including what age and class he is now.

It is known that Jihan Roblox is still studying in junior high school (SMP) grade 3. However, we did not manage to find information where he went to school. Only the information above was given by Jihan Putri Aisyah in one of the contents.

WhatsApp number Jihan Putri Aisyah

Julybe as a fan of Jihan’s brother, there are those who really want to chat or ask him something. Because he is closed, so not many people know about this Roblox game YouTubers.

After searching from various sources, we have found no wa Jihan Putri Aisyah, who you might want to make contact with this idol.

Below we have listed the numbers. So, use the number wisely. So that both Sis Jihan and his family don’t feel disturbed by the chat and phone calls from you. This is the number: 089 532 413 147 7 (if not already replaced)

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That’s the information we can convey regarding Jihan Putri Aisyah on Roblox. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. Don’t forget to support Sis Jihan’s channel by liking, sharing, and commenting on every post he makes. Thank you and good luck.