Knowing Someone Who’s Just Playing With You

Tips for knowing someone is playing with you – Who wants to be played with, who wants to build relationships just to have fun, of course you don’t want to, right? Building a relationship, of course, you want someone who sincerely loves and cares for you with all their heart, they don’t just need you when they need it or in other words just play with your heart.

Even in a relationship with a partner, it is not always someone who is now beside you is really serious, and falls in love with you. Someone who really doesn’t want to know more about you, doesn’t really care and miss you, even so that later he doesn’t have any hope of spending the rest of his life with you, and forming a happy family relationship. Well you don’t want to meet someone like this, someone who is not really sincere and serious about building relationships and just wants to take advantage of you and just wants to play with you.

But of course you don’t need to watch out for everyone and you suspect because you feel you don’t want to be played with, there are also many really good people out there. Then how to find out someone who really only has the aim of playing with you, here are tips for knowing someone who has the intention of playing with you:

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Knowing Someone Who’s Just Playing With You

They come and go as they please
Someone just toying with you, they will come and go as they please. When they need you they will come with sweet words, but when they don’t need you they will be so absorbed in their own world that they forget to tell you. well beware maybe this someone is the type of person who likes to play with your heart. They only need you at certain times.

You are made to be restless with the status they give you
Status only as friends, but sometimes they treat you more than friends when chatting together. Even not only that, while saying words that are full of attention, romantic, and very close, to the point that your heart is in the air. And if you try to ask about the status of the relationship, then that person usually answers with the words “Just go ahead…!. And worse, they often avoid when you ask questions about your relationship with him.

They often forget important things about you
Someone who really loves you sincerely they will remember every precious moment with you, such as when you first met, know your habits, know in detail about you even the little things that you forget to remember they will remember it well. And someone who is playing with you, they will forget things about you even for the things that were just discussed.

Not feeling the comfort nearby
Someone who sincerely loves you and doesn’t play with you, they will try to make you comfortable around them. And for him the most important thing is to make you feel comfortable when you are with him. People who play with you will be selfish, they will only be fun when it is their wish.

Not being a good listener
Someone who is serious and sincerely loves you will be a good listener when they need it, will not hesitate to help you and help offer solutions or support when you need it. On the other hand, someone who is playing tricks on you will talk more when they need your support, and have more reasons when you ask for their support.

Have fun in their own world
Someone who is playing with you will be too busy in their own world, they have a thousand reasons when you ask them to meet. They will only meet you if that is their wish.

You are not in his future plans
In this case it is quite important ladies, where usually if someone wants to be serious with you, then he will talk a lot about planning his future which is related to your existence. However, if he only thinks about his future without thinking about you, then that person is just looking for a friend but intimate. As a result, someone is not serious with you.

He calls you only when he needs it
Those who only contact you when they need you can be a sign that they are not serious about the relationship they are in. However, if he only talks a lot about his plans without anything being implemented, then this can be a sign that he is just playing with you. And if you ask about your relationship with him, he will even answer “later, not ready”.