Konami ID Has Been Locked: Here’s the Solution

Portalsitaro.com – When you fail to enter a Konami ID game account, sometimes a notification ‘konami id has been locked’ appears. Even this sometimes makes the mobile version of eFootball PES 2022 players confused and wondering, what is the meaning of the notification?.

Well, below we will briefly explain related to the emergence of this Konami id has been locked article. So, please read to the end to find out the intent and solution to the problem.

Konami ID Has Been Locked

When a PES user logs into his Konami ID account, sometimes it says the account has been locked with a notification that Konami ID has been locked. This happens because you have entered too many wrong emails and passwords.

Konami detects an inappropriate action on the account. So that this ID account is blocked by Konami. A very appropriate action to reduce the act of taking other people’s accounts by logging in to My Konami.

Konami ID Solution Has Been Locked

To overcome a locked Konami account id, below we will provide a way to solve it. Please follow the steps to overcome this Konami ID has been locked through the following guide:
First, please log in to your Konami ID as usual.

  • If so, click the ‘forgot your password’ option.

Make sure you remember the PES 2022 account email and password that you are playing. Because the email will be used to check the link from Konami related to the game account affected by the blog.

  • Next, enter the account email associated with PES 2022 v mobile.
  • Then, enter the game account email that is diligent.
  • In the inbox field, please open the message sent by Konami ID.
  • The next step, please click the link or the link sent by Konami
  • Click the blue link listed in the message and enter your new eFootball PES account password
  • Try your Konami ID game account password or password, combining a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Confirm the password in the box below.
  • Finally, please use your new email and password on My Konami or eFootball PES 2022 v mobile. So that you can play the game as usual again.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the Konami ID has been locked notification. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. Especially for this game made by Konami.

If there are still things that are not understood regarding how to solve the Konami ID has been locked in PES 2022 above. You can ask directly through the comments column that we have provided. Thank you and hopefully useful.