Lazada Express Receipt Untraceable? This is the reason – When the buyer has received an order notification sent on the Lazada application’s order page, maybe the buyer will feel excited very. The reason, the order will be sent immediately and the receipt number is available.

By using this receipt number from Lazada, buyers can track packages without requiring the seller’s help to do so. So that we feel the use of this receipt number is very vital for both parties.

However, keep in mind! The package tracking process doesn’t always run smoothly. Sometimes the tracking results even say the package was not found on the expedition server aka not found or Lazada Express receipts cannot be tracked.

Don’t panic and stay calm. The package that you bought on Lazada doesn’t probably disappear, it’s just that the tracking system is hampered by the shipping service that delivers the goods.

So that you don’t worry too much, below we will give the reasons why the receipt number on Lazada Express cannot be traced. Here are some things that make receipts untraceable.

Lazada Express Receipts Can’t be Tracked

Here are some reasons why Lazada’s official expedition service, Lazada Express, has trouble tracking the receipt number: Also Read: Your Package Has Entered Our Logistics Facility Lex ID Lazada, this means

Lazada’s Expeditionary Server Has Crashed

The first cause that most often occurs and makes the receipt number fail to track Lazada Express is because the delivery service server is experiencing disruption or down.

The reasons for the server down itself can be various, small examples: being repaired, or too many people tracking at the same time. As a result, access becomes difficult and the server connection doesn’t work properly.

We ourselves don’t really understand the time needed by the Lazada Express expedition to overcome this. This case also depends on the size of the problem at hand. It could be just a few hours, or even 1×24 hours.

Lazada Express Tracking System Not Real Time

For delivery agents in remote areas who have limited internet network constraints, usually package receipts are still made manually or by hand.

If someone gets a manual receipt number like this, please be patient until the receipt number is successfully entered into the online database of Lazada’s official goods delivery service, namely Lazada Express.

Because, it is possible that the database of this expedition system has a rather long process of inputting receipt numbers, with an estimated time of at least 1×24 hours before the receipt number can be tracked. So it is possible that the new buyer can track the package the day after the package is received by the expedition.

Lazada Express Receipt Number Invalid, Wrong, or Fake

Sometimes the Lazada Express expedition receipt number can’t be checked for classic reasons between the seller and the buyer, for example incorrectly entering the receipt number given is fake or invalid when used.

This also causes the tracking system used to be unable to track the receipt number, whether it appears that the Lazada Express receipt number sought is not found or is invalid.

Please note, generally the receipt number consists of a combination of numbers and letters. The number of digits of numbers and letters is also different. You can find out the original receipt number of the package you bought by trying it on the package tracking identification number column.

In addition, if we lack or excess input of receipt number digits it also causes Lazada Express packages to be untraceable. For that, in order to avoid mistakes the buyer can copy or just copy the receipt number, so as not to enter it wrong.

We also need to be careful with online shop fraudsters, they may give you a fake receipt number which causes packages that have been purchased through the Lazada application cannot be tracked.

There was an error from the Lazada Marketplace Store

We often find packages purchased at certain stores sent by other people, even this sometimes makes buyers suspicious of the other party.

Therefore, ask for a photo of the receipt as proof of delivery of the package which is usually received after paying for postage (postage) on the expedition/courier.

This step needs to be done to ensure that your Lazada Express package receipt is correct. If the check fails, please ask the sender again.

If the sender of the package is not careful, it could be that the receipt number given to you is wrong. This also causes packages from Lazada’s economic, standard, and express types to fail to be tracked by the tracking system.

Of the several reasons Lazada’s receipt number failed to track above, you can research which error caused this incident to occur. And, try not to make this mistake again, because it will cause harm to yourself and the business you are running.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding the reason why Lazada Express receipts cannot be tracked. Actually, the reasons above are not only specifically intended for the Lazada application type of Express expedition.

Because, this incident can also happen to the perpetrators of other expeditions. Whether it belongs to Lazada such as Lazada economical, standard, express, or other expeditions such as JNE and J&T. Thank you and hopefully useful.