Learn to be patient in adversity, failure & life

Patience has many positive benefits in life, your life will become calmer, more peaceful, not easily emotional etc. Patience is easy to say but when you put it into practice it is not as easy as it is said, even more difficult. But whatever it is as long as we want to try, want to continue learning then everything will be achieved including practicing patience. Practicing patience is also not an instant thing that takes a lot of time and energy.

Patience in a general sense has a broader meaning. But quoted from the Big Indonesian Dictionary site, patience is calm in the face of every trial (not quick to anger, not easily discouraged, not easily broken hearted) and steadfast. Patience does not mean getting anything in life without doing anything. Now, how to practice patience in ourselves, hopefully we will become better immediately following the tips:

How To Learn To Be Patient In Every Area Of Life

Knowing & that life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to be
Life will feel more fun when what we want, what we want can be achieved, but life is not like that right? There are times when we get pleasure, happiness but sometimes we get trials and tribulations. Yes, because life is not always what we want. By realizing this, we can more easily practice our patience. When we are more able to be patient through the colors of our lives, we will be happier and calmer. When we get happiness we will be more able to be grateful, but when we get natural tragedy or misfortune we will be able to live it patiently and make us stronger.

Believe and believe with us being patient will receive solutions and ease
In a state of anger or emotion, never carry out a decision, or you will regret it in the future. Always have faith that with us being patient we will receive solutions and ease. When the emotional state calms the heart first, when the head is cold then make a decision. If we do something in a state of anger, do not indulge our desires, then in this way you will be able to train your patience.

Smiling will not only make you feel good, it will also create a more positive atmosphere. Try when you are angry it will be very difficult to smile right. So when you start to get emotional, can’t wait to take a deep breath and then smile, then your mood will improve again. Remember you know, don’t smile too much alone hahahahaha….. Try to keep us smiling because the most effective medicine for the heart is to smile because the smile is contagious and makes the heart happy.

Distracting, a case sometimes makes us stressed, unable to sleep, not delicious to eat, impatient, easily emotional so that we avoid it all, immediately do activities that we like or do things that will make you excited again and change your mood to be better. When you have a problem that can upset your heart, try to divert your mind for a moment to something that is fun for you such as an outing with family or friends. Basically, cases are not to be avoided but to be faced, but at certain times if there is still no enlightenment, it is better to immediately rest your mind for a moment by taking a vacation.

Empathize or taste what other people feel
If you are not patient because there are too many failures, because of an illness that doesn’t go away, because of a broken heart and because of many other difficult things then look at the people out there who live less fortunate than you. Those who do not have a home like you, those who eat not as good as your food, or those who have dangerous diseases such as cancer but are still able to smile and appreciate their lives. Feeling and seeing from the perspective of others, it will grow our gratitude that it turns out that we are luckier than others have experienced as well as will train patience in us.

It’s good that at certain times we have to be aware and reflect, there are still many other people who are less fortunate than us, so we must get used to living a grateful life. Make people who are better than us an encouragement to pursue it as much as possible, don’t make people who are more above us a medium to discourage us.

Get closer to the Almighty, to ask for guidance and help
Regardless of what religion you follow, what beliefs you believe in, surely all religions or beliefs will teach their people to be patient under any circumstances. If you are bored because there are so many cases, try to pray and ask fervently, hopefully you will also feel closer to Him. . Realizing that no human being is right, it is obligatory for us to ask for help from the Most Perfect God.

Remain positive thinking
By always thinking positively will train ourselves to learn to be patient. Negative thoughts such as envy, jealousy, emotions will only waste your time and energy. Try to fight yourself when you experience something unpleasant to not get irritated and angry easily, try to fight with all your might or promise yourself. It’s good if you need to hold your emotions in a quiet place and try to breathe deeply for a minute so that the emotions can subside.

Practice patience from small things
Everything starts small, nothing is instant. Sometimes trivial things can also be used to practice patience, such as when we are in a long queue or traffic jam, don’t let you get bored and annoyed, try to find fun in the wait. Because the seeds of patience can also grow from small things.

Don’t give up easily
Despair belongs only to those who have no patience. Always be aware that all paths require a process to succeed. If you experience failure, don’t be easily disappointed, even though this is not as easy as turning a hand, but we must control ourselves to be sincere so that it is easier to get back up. In fact, everyone must also know the saying for this, failure is the beginning of success or failure is delayed success. To raise your spirits quoted from Forbes magazine that almost all successful business people in this world need 4-5 times or more before they build their business emperor, so ask yourself, is it worth it for those of us who have failed 2-3 times to give up when we want to? success?

Look at your loved and closest people
If you are a parent, when you are experiencing many cases that feel tight in your heart, remember that your children really need you, so that it will be easier for you to get up. But if you are a child who is also experiencing many problems in life, remember your parents and your family, don’t hurt yourself because they love you and need you. In this case briefly make the family a shelter for your body and soul. They are your loved ones and closest, your wife, spouse, children, siblings, parents, friends will be your encouragement to practice your patience.