List of BRImo Errors and Solutions – BRI bank BRImo users may often encounter problems when using this application. The problems that arise are also quite diverse, from the emergence of strange codes, such as pc99, pcte, pc92, mt99, mt92, mt76, gp81, cctr and others.

This BRI bank error occurred due to various reasons, some were due to the internet network being less cloudy, wrong number input, even reasons such as Bank BRI was improving service quality.

Well, below we provide information related to the collection of BRImo application errors and how to overcome them. Please read the article below to the end to find out the details.

BRImo Bank BRI Application Error

The BRImo apk error problem is very diverse. So below we only list a few things that are often experienced by users of this official application of Bank BRI.

In addition, there are several problems in BRImo that we have listed, but we have not been able to find the answers. So, for BRI Mobile application users who have experienced these problems, you can join share information through the comments column provided. So that people who encounter this problem can also be helped by your writing.

The following is a series of Brimo BRI error problems that we managed to get from various sources. Please check below!

List of BRImo Errors and Solutions

Here is a list of BRI Bank BRI application errors that we have successfully summarized:

  • Unfortunately the BRImo App Has Stopped: problem caused because your app is not compatible. Please update the latest version
  • Internet Connection Disconnected on BRImo: problems caused by improving the quality of Bank BRI services, please login at another time.
  • BRImo username and password are blocked: a problem caused by the user incorrectly entering the BRImo BRI login account more than 3 times in a row. Reset your password via the official BRI bank page at or go directly to the nearest branch office.
  • BRImo OTP code has not been sent: the problem number is experiencing problems, whether there is no credit, internet network, or it has been used on another account. On average, this problem is caused by an error in the BRI network. Click the Resend OTP Code button to get the code back.
  • Brimo balance Rp. 0 When checked: a problem occurs in the system or network. re-login regularly and make sure your internet is stable and there is a quota.
  • Request a re-install after making a transaction: the problem is in the storage memory of the Android or iPhone that is used. Please check your storage capacity.
  • Cash Deposit Transactions at BRI ATMs Fail, Machines or Telecommunication Network Disturbances Occur: the problem is with the machine or network you are using. please report to the nearest BRI bank office along with your identity card and ATM.
  • Transaction failed code pc99, pcte, pc92, mt99, mt92, mt76, gp81, cctr BRImo. We haven’t found the reason why the code above appears and the solution. So, for BRImo application customers who have experienced the same problem and know the answer. You can share your knowledge via the comments column provided.

This is the information we can convey regarding the list of Brimo Errors update 2022. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. especially for BRImo users who often experience disturbances in the transaction process of this application. so and hopefully useful.