List of Telkomsel Numbers 2022 – Some people may still be confused with Telkomsel’s front number. The reason is, sometimes this provider has a number that is almost the same as the numbers from other providers.

For example on the AS card (sebum was remodeled to become Telkomsel Papaid), this number has almost the same characteristics as the number from the Indosat provider, namely IM3. Where, both of them use the number prefix 085.

Even this sometimes makes people confused and wondering? Actually, which Telkomsel number is it? And how to distinguish it from other numbers. without having to ask the person.

For this reason, below, we will briefly explain about Telkomsel’s front number and its various variations. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out.

Telkomsel Front Number List

Telkomsel card users need to know, before making major changes using the name Telkomsel Prepaid on Simpati, Kartu As, and Loop cards and changing Halo cards to Halo Cards.

This provider has many lists of Telkomsel numbers on the market. Whether it has a total of 11, 12 or 13 digit numbers on starter pack for Telkomsel Prepaid.

To make it easier for you to find out whether this is a Telkomsel number or not. The following is the code for the Telkomsel number that makes it easier for you to tell the difference. Please have a look:

  • 0811
  • 0812
  • 0813
  • 0821
  • 0822
  • 0823
  • 0852
  • 0853

That’s a list of 4 Telkomsel numbers that you need to know. Some of the numbers above besides the front numbers 0811 and 0812 are Telkomsel Prepaid which were previously divided into Simpati, Kartu AS, and Loop.

As for the two numbers above, which previously became starter pack Kartu Halo product, is now Telkomsel Halo.

Basically, for ordinary people, distinguishing between one provider number and another is difficult and easy to do. Moreover, several starter packs of Telkomsel, Axis, XL, Indosat, and XL numbers have similarities in the same 3 digits of the front number.

However, with the presence of a row of Telkomsel front numbers above, we think it is quite easy for customers to distinguish provider 1 cards from others. So, we are not confused to recognize the numbers used by other people.

This is the information that we can convey regarding this Telkomsel front number. Hopefully, the text above will make it easier for you to distinguish Telkomsel numbers from other provider cards. Thank you and hopefully useful.