List of Waiter Duties and Responsibilities in a Restaurant – Many beginners who apply to become waiters, question what are the duties and responsibilities of a Waiter. Especially on waiters at the restaurant.

Some of these people apply because the waiter profession is quite easy and does not require a lot of energy to serve the customers in that place.

However, there was before plunging into the field of waiters in restaurants, hotels, or cafes. You need to know what things need to be prepared and become demands in this field. Here is the complete information:

What is Waiter and Waitress

Okay, before going to the topic of discussion. You need to know the meaning of waiter and waitress first. However, here we will not explain it based on the understanding put forward by the experts. Instead, use simple and flexible language.

Simply put, waiters and waitresses are waiters in restaurants, hotels, cafes and so on. The difference between the two is, Waiter is a nickname for a male servant, whereas Waitress for female servants.

Usually, the Waiter or Waitress carries out their duties in a team led by a superior who can be known as the “captain”. The cool term is ‘Head Crew’.

Waiter Duties and Responsibilities in Restaurant

As a beginner in the world ofwaiter-an, there are various kinds of duties and responsibilities carried out by a servant.

Because, a waiter needs to know what aspects need to be considered so as not to stutter during field practice.

So, what is the job of a waiter, min? Calm down, we will peel it thoroughly through the short article below.

Prepare before work

The first thing you need to do as a beginner waiter is to do prepare before the restaurant opens. Because, in general, a waiter needs to start work before the place is opened.

Prepare a waiter includes various aspects, including being attractive, neat, polite, and carrying out the rules made in the restaurant or cafe where he works.

For men, they have short haircuts that are neatly combed, clothes don’t look wrinkled and wear perfumes that don’t smell too good. If he has long hair, make sure to style it neatly if necessary use hair oil too.

Don’t let your hair, mustache, sideburns fall apart. Because it can also trigger bad judgments from customers that you will pay attention to. We don’t recommend bracelets and necklaces. If it’s just a watch, the waiters can use it.

For women, maybe not much different from men. Only, if a waitress with long hair. Try to tie the hair neatly, so that when serving the order the hair does not fall on the food.

Because if that happens, it will cause complaints from customers that allow problems to occur. Therefore, the appearance of the hair sector of a waiter and waitress must be properly maintained.

In addition to appearance problems, preparation before the next work is to make the table well organized, especially the table must be clean of dirt, dust or food residue that sticks to it.

Also make sure you check the cutlery at the restaurant, so that when there are many buyers, a waiter is not confused in finding the place or the incomplete equipment.

Stay in the right position

After the preparation is complete, the next task of the waiter or waitress is to adjust the position so that it is easily accessible from the point of view of all places. (stand by at strategic places).

The purpose of this is so that you can respond quickly when customers call for messages or need help doing something.

Doing greating and opening the door when the customer comes

Greating is an act of greeting. The meaning of the sentence above is that a waiter must be ready to open the door and greet him with a cheerful aura. Next, ask kindly which table to choose or recommend the best place in the restaurant.

Don’t forget, make sure the seats and tables are in good condition, neat, not dirty, and there is no smell from the rest of the previous customer’s food.

Giving Menu or recommending certain food

After the customer chooses the best place, immediately provide a list of available foods. If he is a new customer and asks for a food recommendation, choose a special or favorite dish in restaurant the.

Not only limited to new customers, waiters or waitresses can also offer new menus for old and new customers.

Be ready when the customer doesn’t want to order

If the customer is not ready to make a “Taking Order”, please leave the table.

However, you must remain alert in a position that is easily visible. This is necessary to make it easier for customers to call, and start ordering.

Record and confirm orders

When the customer is ready to place an order, immediately approach him. Write down all the things you want exactly and correctly. Even if it’s just a trivial thing. Like 1 spoon of sugar or something.

After the process of ordering food is complete, read back what the customer ordered. This is necessary to ensure that there are no errors in recording and adjusting customer wishes.

Offer Drinks

If at the time of ordering the food menu, customers do not order drinks, then offer drinks to order. Offer the best drinks in the restaurant.

Also ask him, when to serve the order. It could be, a customer wants drinks first and then food or vice versa.

Deliver orders quickly and well

After the end of time take orderwaiters or waitresses need to immediately deliver orders to kitchen or patry (kitchen section).

Make sure your orders are served sequentially. Starting from starter (appetizers), main course (main menu) and dizerts (desserts).

Sometimes in crowded conditions, dishes are not delivered in order alias depart. It could be that the main meal was served first, rather than the appetizer. This is normal at peak hours.

At least, as a waiter or waitress you need to keep the order from being too messy. For example, placing dessert at the beginning, along with the appetizer menu. While the main menu is not ready. This is very, very not recommended.

Help speed up the service process

Sometimes a restaurant has runner separately. The runner’s job is to deliver orders and pull used cutlery from the customer’s table.

Oh yes, a little information. Not many restaurants apply runners and waiters separately.

Even more waiters or waiters also work as runners. If the restaurant where you work has a separate runner, please help during busy days (eg weekends) so that service is faster and optimal.

Be ready when the customer needs something

Even though you have finished serving orders, it does not mean the task is over. You need to always be on standby if the customer needs other things, such as: spoons, forks, tissues and so on.

In fact, not infrequently we meet customers who want to add orders. Therefore, you need to be prepared even in a relaxed state.

Handling Problems Without Involving Bosses.

When there is a problem regarding taking orders, the waiter or waitress needs to solve it personally (minimizing contact with the captain and manager).

For example, the customer at that time ordered dizerts (dessert) in large portions. However, when it was served, he refused. The reason, he admitted to ordering small portions, not large portions.

Even if you are sure that the order is not wrong because you have followed the steps above. However, because they are full, the customer is looking for reasons to be able to replace his order into small portions.

As a “servant”, it is necessary to maintain professionalism. Especially dealing with customers who are fussy and annoying. Use another way to solve the problem.

Like making new orders in smaller portions, and paying with their own pocket money. So, there is no scolding from customers or superiors.

If so, do I lose?

Of course he is, if you rely on the material value alone. However, by doing so you have avoided more complicated problems with the restaurant team. Both to the manager, captain, and chef.

It’s different if the one who makes the mistake is the chef. For example, making an order wrong or there is something in the food that makes the customer not want to eat it. If this is the case, we will submit the complaint to the kitchen. You don’t have to pay compensation if you didn’t make the mistake.

Give a bill or bill to the customer

Not all customers pay bills to the cashier. However, not infrequently there are also those who call the waiter to ask for a note of payment.

Please provide the bill with a list and the price that needs to be paid. Don’t just stand still and wait for the customer to give you money. So that the interaction between the waiter\waitress with the customer goes well.

Say thank you and open the door

Have you finished paying the waiter’s job after paying? Certainly not. There are activities you need to do after doing this.

When the customer wants to leave, please position yourself near the door. Say thank you and invite customers to visit at another time. Of course with the most beautiful smile you can give.

Hand over responsibility and inspect equipment

Finally, after working hours are up. Make sure no orders or anything are missed.

For example, if there is a customer who suddenly orders food again, but the time has shown the time is up, notify another Waiter friend if there is an unfulfilled order.

Also, make sure all work equipment is in complete condition. Thus, there is no problem between the crew or the team at restaurant your place of work.


Not infrequently we find a waiter or waitress distributing brochures to promote the restaurant where he works. Do the work when it’s quiet, and people rarely come to visit.

That is the duty and responsibility of a waiter that we can convey. A lot, right? As a form of someone’s professionalism, you need to learn what is needed in that field.

If you want to work as a waiter or waitress, you need to equip yourself with the things we mentioned above.

Although only a little info that we show. But in general, all of the above activities are enough to make you look professional and experienced. Thank you and hopefully useful.