Location Solution Can’t Turn On on Android

Location or GPS on Android phones has many uses. Among other things is to detect the user’s current location as accurately as possible. In addition, the location feature can also be used for emergencies, such as when the phone is lost.

The use of location is a bit of a drain on the battery, but it depends on how often this feature is used. While there are also cellphones that cannot activate the feature, and of course this will make all applications unable to detect the user’s current position.

Turning on location basically can be easily done from notification panel. However, if the feature does not want to be active, usually there are other obstacles. So there are a few workarounds for this, which I find very powerful to do. Please refer to this article to find out the solution.

Solving Android’s Location Feature Can’t Be Turned On

There are three solutions that you can apply to overcome this. To be sure, the problem is caused by the system or software on mobile, which is still possible to overcome. Please follow the steps starting from the first.

1. Restarting Phone

The easiest and most practical way is to restart the device, otherwise known as reboot. Most phone problems can sometimes be solved with this trick. So you just need to turn off the phone and then turn it on again.

Simple malfunctions will usually resolve immediately after restarting the phone. As long as the phone is not turned onrootthen it is likely that this first method will work to solve the problem.

2. Enable Location Feature Through Settings

Who would have thought this problem arises from the notification panel on the phone. So that shortcuts that appears there cannot be used to activate the location feature. For that, you can try to activate it through the settings with the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Location.

    Tap Location Menu

  3. Then activate it in the Location section.

    Turn on Location Features Through Android Settings

Now the location feature has been activated, and you can try to use it in the desired application.

However, if this second method has not been able to activate it, then I highly recommend continuing to the last method,

3. Reset Phone Fully

Resetting the phone means erasing all settings on the device and restore it to factory version. This is the last option if the two methods above do not work.

Before resetting it, it’s a good idea to first back up important data on your cellphone, such as phone numbers, SMS or WhatsApp conversations and so on so you don’t lose them later.

If so, please reset the phone by going to Arrangement > Reset > Factory Data Reset.

Julybe some phones have different options, but the reset option is always in Settings. Or if you have trouble, please look for the steps to reset according to the type of phone in Google search.

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The problem of not being able to turn on the location feature is usually not that severe. Unless the phone is already onroot, it is possible that there is a system change and must be flashed in order to get the original system of the phone.

As for the problem that makes location unable to detect your current location, which is different from the case discussed in this article.

And if you have problems with some of the methods above or maybe have other additions, you are very welcome to comment in the column below.

Hopefully useful and good luck