Make Life Simpler & Happier, Follow These 8 Tips

In this instant, fast-paced and modern era, we seem to be very super busy, thinking that life is getting more difficult, even though everything is getting easier with the rapid development of technology. The simple things in life that make us happy are the more we consider complicated problems. Life is easy together it’s just that we make it complicated. things that we take for granted together make it seem like a big problem and complicate our lives. So it is not surprising that in an age where everything is made easier with so many technological advances, more and more people feel depressed, stressed and unhappy.

Sometimes we need to find a way to bring this simplicity back into our lives. A simple life and a taste of happiness. Here are 7 ways to make your life simpler and happier.

Make Life Simpler & Happier

Never complicate matters
We all know that cases arrive because we create them ourselves. We don’t want to be scolded by the boss for being late for work, but we are reluctant to get up in the morning and choose to laze under a warm blanket. We don’t want bad college grades, but we don’t want to study, we don’t want to go to college regularly and we’d rather hang out with friends. We want to live with a stable economy but we are reluctant to work etc. Something won’t be a case if we don’t mind it.

Don’t be easy to complain and give up
In life, trials are always there and there will be, but don’t complain and give up easily. We grumble, disappointed, angry, blame any situation will be like that. instead of wasting energy by complaining, nagging, angry and blaming, it is better to channel your energy to trying to continue to live a better life by introspecting, changing and finding back on the right track.

Openly vent your emotions in a positive way
Keeping your feelings hidden, hiding your emotions and trying not to let others know your feelings will actually make your life worse. People who always suppress and hide their feelings can cause great stress in your life. And when all these emotions come out, of course it’s not good psychologically and physically.

Instead find ways to channel these emotions constructively. Open up and allow your feelings with a friend, coworker, family, spouse or person close to you to discuss your case. Or when you are emotional, find a safe place such as a room, garden or garden where you can openly let these emotions out perhaps by shouting or by crying. Expressing how you feel in a factual way in the long run will undoubtedly make you healthier and much happier.

Stop comparing things
A person whose life is always comparing things certainly makes him uneasy. Often comparing will make you jealous, arrogant, malevolent, inferior, etc. when you compare yourself to be much greater, stronger, better than others, it will make you arrogant. If you compare yourself with other people who are more powerful, more influential or better then you will be jealous, envy and even feel inferior or inferior. Everyone, including you, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Do all the things you want to do and more importantly, stop comparing yourself to others. This will make your life simpler and happier.

Be grateful
Be grateful for whatever God gives, will make your life calmer, simpler and happier. When you are able to be grateful for difficulties then we are able to accept them gracefully, and when God shows pleasure we are more able to use those pleasures wisely. Gratitude also teaches us to be direct, who doesn’t always feel lacking, is able to enjoy life and other factual values ​​more.

Stop worrying, worry and worry too much
As ordinary people, it makes sense that we have feelings of anxiety, worry, fear and worry. But don’t let the feeling get too big. If you let it grow, your life will be filled with fear and worry, even though together what you fear and worry about may not happen. We often complicate things, worry unnecessarily about the future, instead of actively preparing everything from now on. Stop worrying about things you can’t control. There are no guarantees for exactly how the future will turn out, but through focusing on the little things we can control now, we are on the right track towards a future that will undoubtedly be much brighter and happier.

Closeness to the people around you
No matter how rich you are, no matter how attractive you are physically, it doesn’t guarantee your life will be happy if you don’t have closeness with the people around you. This is clear because basically humans are social beings who need each other and cannot live without the help of others.

Try something new, don’t hesitate
So if you want to do something then do it as long as it does not harm you, others or the environment. Do what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to try something. Do not hesitate. You might just need to try something new, something you’ll really like. That it makes you a much happier direct person.