Make Men Couples Fall in Love With You

Everyone must have weaknesses that can make their hearts soften and start liking you even if they look cold and hard though. If women are called mysterious creatures, there is also a similar term for men, namely cool or cold creatures. There is a special way to make them open their hearts to you. Likewise, to approach men and women, of course, have their own ways and require patience because the personalities of men and women are very different, so how to approach and make them fall in love will also be different.
Women in general will use and prioritize their feelings over their logic in acting, while for men it is the opposite. Men use logic more first and then listen to their heart or feelings. It is very rare to find men who are sensitive and sensitive in terms of feelings, because most men are more assertive in their actions and do not resemble women. Well if you can find a man’s weakness then you will easily be able to make him fall in love with you even if your man looks very hard, cold and cold though.

But behind his cold figure, men keep many secrets about themselves that are hidden from women or their partners. What are the secrets of their weakness and how to make them fall in love with you? Here’s the presentation!

Men always want to look influential or strong
If most women cry easily and are sad when it comes to their feelings, then men will look more strong and influential even though from the inside they actually feel the same way as most women, it’s just that men are more likely to cover up their sadness so that most men look tough and strong. Even though every human being, one of which is a man, also has a fragile side, many men hide this. Even in distressing situations such as family dilemmas or loss, a man looks powerful from the outside, deep down inside he is also fragile.

So if you see a man you want to approach and make him fall in love with you, give support and donations in a genuine way to make them look more strong and influential in dealing with their sadness, men who feel their partners always make them feel strong and influential. would open his heart to such a woman.

The secret man always pays attention to his partner
Women will often show their attention both through their actions and words, but men on the other hand they will look cold and cold even though they are actually interested in you inside. Women tend to be eager to always ask and want to know all about their partners, most men don’t. But make no mistake, in all things secret men always pay attention to you. Men will comment when he needs to comment, as long as you are still conducive to his supervision, he will be silent while watching you.

so to win a man’s heart and make him fall in love with you don’t restrain and supervise them excessively, they are silent and have the same feelings, men will generally keep your trust if you offer them a little freedom.

Men don’t like to be protested & cut off the conversation
Men tend to feel more informed in every decision they want to make, although sometimes their decisions are not always right for the good or bad ending. As a woman who wants to approach and make this man fall in love, when you find out that your partner’s man made the wrong decision, don’t protest without offering clarification first.

Men prefer to be given input than to be protested. They prefer you to listen to their conversation and do not like to be interrupted. When it is your turn to speak please express how you feel. Men like women who are good listeners.

Men don’t like fussy women
If you feel like you talk too much or talk too much, you should cut the habit. Men really don’t like fussy women. Men prefer it when their partner is active but doesn’t talk much.

Men don’t like being restrained
No one likes being restrained by both men and women. After marriage, women always feel that their life partner is theirs, so sometimes women tend to be more overprotective of their partners. You should not do this because it will reduce your mutual trust, and your partner will also feel uncomfortable because they feel imprisoned in the household. Give them the freedom but responsibility rather than you too restrictive this will make them constrained and bored with you.

Men express their feelings through actions not words
Many women like gossip from their partners, but not all men are knowledgeable about gossip. Many men after marriage are not too romantic in words to compliment their partner. But after marriage a man is more romantic through actions, for example he kisses your forehead, hugs you, than he has to say «You are a piece of my soul» and so on.

Men want to be heard by their partners
Men after marriage tend to want more respect. You should realize, after marriage, the man is the head of your household. Men have a great responsibility to guide you towards a happy future. But behind every action, a man always wants his partner to hear every word he says. Always listen to your partner so he can feel appreciated and can guide you well in the household.

Men are harder to forgive
In the household, although men don’t talk much, men really don’t like being lied to. Men are very quick to anger when lied to, even if it’s a small thing. In contrast to women who are easy to forgive when their partners persuade or seduce them, men will not be that easy to forgive their partner’s mistakes because he will think using logic first then if he feels a little peaceful then use his feelings. So it’s useless if you seduce a guy when he’s angry because he needs time to clear his feelings first.

If you want your partner to love you more, learn to understand their attitude. If you can understand what he likes or not, believe me your household will be happier.