Meaning of Departed From Transit on JNE Receipt Number – When the buyer checks the package status on the JNE expedition service, they may have received a delivery notification ‘Departed From transit’ delivery with the city name added behind it.

Even this sometimes makes expedition users wonder, what is the meaning of departed from transit? And why does this sentence often appear on JNE’s delivery status?

To know this, in this short article we will provide an explanation related to the meaning of departed from transit in full. Please read this article to the end to find out the detailed information.

Departed From Transit JNE

JNE (Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir) is one of the freight forwarders that is quite widely used by the people of Indonesia. You can find this service in some of the leading marketplaces in Indonesia.

Marketplace or e-commerce There are also many who work with JNE goods delivery services, including Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak and other online stores in Indonesia.

To find out the position of the JNE package, the buyer can use the ‘Receipt Number’ provided by the expedition. You can check it directly through the official JNE website at via the app on the Play Store or App Store.

Well, when checking the status of the package, sometimes a message like ‘departed from transit (Sub Gateway, SGD) appears on the status of the JNE package. So, what is the meaning of this sentence, let’s find out the details below

Meaning of Departed From Transit JNE

Meaning Departed From Transit itself is departing from transit. This means that the JNE package that you ordered has departed from the JNE sorting warehouse.

For example, in the description no. receipt on the package status, it says Departed From Transit [Gateway, Bandung SGD]. So, this can be interpreted as a package being sent from the Bandung transit warehouse to the next city.

So, you don’t have to worry about the package. Because, the package you bought is still safe and on its way to the city listed by the store on the package that has been sent.

When you see the status of the package, it says ‘departed from transit gateway Bandung’, how about min? is it the same as above?

Yes, same. The word ‘Gateway’ itself has a warehouse or a sorting place for goods before being sent back according to the city or region where the buyers of the package live. Some other examples are as follows:

  • Departed From Transit [Gateway, Jakarta] SGD: The package is in transit/shipping from a warehouse in Jakarta.
  • Departed From Transit [Gateway, Surabaya] SGD: The package is in transit/shipping from a warehouse in the city of Surabaya.
  • Departed From Transit [Gateway, Palembang] SGD: Package is in transit/delivery from warehouse in Palembang city.

Packages sent from the goods sorting warehouse will be sent to the next cities. Adjusting the destination route for the goods in between.

Other JNE Delivery Status Meanings

Here are some statuses that you might encounter when you see the status of the items you have purchased.

  • Shipment Received By JNE Counter Officer At : Package received by JNE Agent.
  • Shipment Picked up by JNE Courier: Packages are picked up by JNE couriers to be sent to the sorting center.
  • Received At Origin Gateway: The package has arrived at the JNE warehouse.
  • Received At Sorting Center : Packets are received at the sorting center.
  • Processed At Sorting Center : The concentrated sorting process has been carried out.
  • Received At the warehouse: Packages are received at the warehouse.
  • Shipment Forwarded to Destination : Packages are being sent to the destination city/district.
  • With Delivery Courier JNE : Package is being sent by JNE courier
  • Delivered JNE : The package has arrived and was received by the buyer.
  • Misroute JNE : Incorrect package delivery route

Questions About Departed From Transit JNE Gateway

Here are some of the questions we have screened from people who have had problems with this theme.

  1. If the package has not updated the departed receipt from the JKT transit gateway for 3-7 days or more, what should I complain about? Please contact JNE CS directly if it’s been too long the status has not moved.
  2. How long does it take to sort in the Shopee transit warehouse min? Maximum 1 x 24 hours. And also depends on the number of packages in a region or city.
  3. If the status has reached Departed From Transit, is it ready to arrive? No, it’s still in the process of being shipped.

This is the information we can convey regarding the JNE Departed From Transit Gateway. Now you know the meaning of the notifications that are often in the JNE package status column. Thank you and hopefully easy to understand.