Meaning of Who You Might Know Is On Instagram – When Instagram users browse this app, they may have encountered a ‘who you know is on’ notification. For people who are unfamiliar with this sentence, they may ask questions like, what is the meaning of who you might know is on Instagram?

This Instagram who you know is on notification does sometimes appear for users who set the language in this application using English. Julybe for the Indonesian language settings you won’t find this notification.

Well, below we will try to explain what it means who you might know is on on Instagram. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details. Also Read: How to Return Reels to Instagram Profile Grid

Meaning of Who You Might Know Is On Instagram

When users of the Instagram application get this notification who you might know is on ig, sometimes we don’t know the meaning of an English sentence above. For that, below we will explain a little clarity related to this sentence.

Who you might know is on Instagram means that the application recommends someone who has several things who are often looking for relevant content like what you are looking for.

For example in the content browsing section, share, comment, like, even locations similar to ours. So, we can say who you might know is on notification as an Instagram application service feature in the recommendations section.

How to Disable Who You July Know on Instagram

There are several ways to be able to stop notifications who you may know this Instagram application. And here are the steps:

  • Log in to the Instagram app account
  • Tap the Account or Profile section
  • Then when the three lines at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the ‘settings’ section. Then click the ‘Privacy’ option.
  • Finally, on the privacy account, please swipe to the right until it becomes live.
  • A notification will appear that creator accounts can’t be private’. Click Ok to continue.

That’s how to disable or stop this who you might know is on notification. Please do the method above if you feel that the notification interferes with activities on your Instagram application.

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That’s the information we can share regarding who you might know is on, along with what it means and how to stop it. Hopefully the presence of the above article makes it easier for you to understand the notification.

Julybe the notification makes some people annoyed by it. However, if we think more positively, the who you know is on notification is quite helpful for Instagram application users who need it. Thank you and hopefully useful