Meaning Your Package Has Entered Our Logistics Facility Lex ID on Lazada – when checking the Lazada application receipt number, the user may have found a notification that reads ‘Your package has entered our logistics facility lex id’.

Your package notification has entered Lazada’s logistics facility, maybe many people don’t understand and want to know the meaning behind one of the package statuses when the user checks the receipt number.

Well, below we will provide information related to the meaning of the sentence Your package has entered our logistics facility lex id in the Lazada application, along with several things related to this status. Here’s the complete info!

Meaning Your Package Has Entered Our Logistics Facility Lex ID Lazada?

Before we go any further, you need to know what a LEX ID is first. Lex id is an abbreviation of the phrase Lazada Elogistic Express Indonesia. The official expedition managed directly by Lazada itself.

In short, the meaning of lazada your package entering our logistics facility lex id is a notification that provides an explanation that the package or item is already in the lex id central warehouse, not the sender’s city, not the recipient.

After leaving the sender’s transit warehouse center, then the package that the buyer bought in the Lazada application will be sent to the lex id logistics facility of the recipient city which is the last transit before being sent to the buyer’s address.

Receipt Status Meaning Your Package Has Entered Our Logistics Facility Lex ID

If the user finds that the package notification has entered our logistics, lex id, then it is the third order after the seller sends it to Lazada’s official shipping service. For more details, we have provided a detailed sequence.

  • Status, In packing: The goods are being prepared by the seller/seller.
  • Status, Package taken from seller [pengambilan berhasil]: Package has been picked up by courier lex id.
  • Status, Your package has arrived at our logistics facility lex id: The package has arrived at the Lazada logistics center warehouse.
  • Status, Sent from logistics facility: Package has been sent from logistics facility to destination hub (branch).
  • Status, Entered the logistics facility: The package has entered the logistics facility of the branch (your city)
  • Status, the package will be sent to the recipient: the package is ready to be delivered by the courier to the house.

Where is the LEX ID Logistics Facility Location

Each city or area that has been reached by the official Lazada Lex id expedition usually has its own logistics facilities. This logistics facility is used to temporarily store packages and group them to the destination city.

If you are curious to know where the LEX ID Lazada logistics facility is located, you can directly check it on the application directly.

When Will Packages Already Entered Our Logistics Facility Lex ID Come?

If the status of the package you ordered is still in the warehouse of the Lex ID logistics center. then the possibility of the goods still take a long time to arrive at the destination address. Because the area is still in the area of ​​the center for sorting goods, not the city branch of the recipient of the goods.

So package buyers need to wait for some time to adjust the selection of the expedition and the distance between the seller’s city and the buyer. The package will arrive quickly if the distance is not too far. So we hope you can wait patiently.

Thus the information that we can convey regarding the meaning of your package has entered our logistics facility lex id. I hope the little information we provide is useful for you. Thank you and hopefully useful.