Menu Bar Functions in Microsoft Word

For those of you who are used to wrestling with document creation, of course, you are familiar with the Microsoft Word application. Almost all professions use this application to support their work, so it’s no wonder that Microsoft Word is one of the must-have applications on your computer.

In Microsoft Word there are lots of tools that really help us in operating this application, but sometimes we don’t know what the function of these tools is, especially the tools found on the Menu Bar..

What is the Menu Bar?

The Menu Bar is a horizontal strip found in the Microsoft Word application and contains a variety of tools that we can use for various purposes. In an application, the menu bar is usually at the top of our screen window.

Menu Bar Functions in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, the menu bar is divided into 7 major sections. In these sections there are various kinds of tools that we can apply to our worksheets.

1. Home Menu

In the home menu, there are various tools such as:


  • Paste is used to paste the copy into the worksheet
  • Cut is used to cut objects
  • Copy is used to copy objects
  • Format Printer is used to copy a document format into another document


  • Font is used to select the font
  • Font Size is used to determine the font size
  • Grou Font is used to increase the font size instantly
  • Shrink Font is used to reduce font size instantly
  • Change Case is used to change letters to uppercase or lowercase
  • Clear Formating is used to remove text formatting
  • Bold is used to bold text
  • Italic is used to italicize the text
  • Underline is used to underline text
  • Striketought is used to strike out text
  • SubScript (CTRL + =) is used to make small text under the text
  • Subscript (CTRL + Shift + +) is used to create exponent characters
  • Text Highlight is used to give color behind the text (background)
  • Font Color is used to give color to the text


  • Bullets are used to give bullets to the selected paragraph
  • Numbering is used to number the selected paragraphs
  • Decrease Indent is used to shift the paragraph line to the left
  • Increase Indent is used to move the paragraph line to the right
  • Sort is used to sort data
  • Show/Hide is used to show and hide paragraph correction marks
  • Align Text Left is used for adjust the left alignment of the paragraph
  • Center is used to set the center alignment of the paragraph
  • Align Text Right is used to adjust the right alignment of the paragraph
  • Justify is used to adjust the left and right alignment of paragraphs
  • Line Spacing is used to set the spacing
  • Shading is used to set the background color of the text
  • Borders are used for outline the selected text


  • Heading Style is used to give title/subhead formatting to paragraphs
  • Change Style contains paragraph theme settings


  • Find is used to search for a specific word on a worksheet
  • Replace is used to find and replace a word in other words on the worksheet
  • Select is used to select text or objects on the worksheet

2. Insert menu

In the Insert menu there are several tools such as:


  • Cover Page is used to give a cover to the page
  • Blank Page is used to create a new page on a worksheet
  • Page Break is used to split a page on a worksheet
  • Tables is used to insert tables on a worksheet


  • Used to insert an image into a worksheet
  • Clipt Art is used to insert illustration images from the program library into the worksheet
  • Shapes are used to insert autoshape drawing objects
  • Smart Art is used to insert visual graphic images into the worksheet
  • Charts are used to insert diagrams into worksheets


  • Hyperlinks are used to link objects or text with other files
  • Bookmarks are used to create bookmarks
  • Cross-reference is used to create a reference

Headers & Footers

  • Headers are used to set pages in a document
  • Footer is used to set the foot of the page in the document
  • Page Number is used to provide numbering on the page


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