Merge Cats Crypto Money Making Apk – Are you looking for a free cryptocurrency earning application that is still operating today? If yes, you are on the right website. Because in this article we will provide one of the recommendations, namely: Merge Cats.

Merge Cats Apk is a game application that provides rewards in the form of NFT cryptocurrency to its users. Where, for every player who succeeds in carrying out the mission will be immediately given a prize soul which can later be exchanged for crypto money.

Well, if you are interested in knowing more about this money-making Merge Cats application, here we provide detailed information for you.

What is Merge Cats Crypto Money Making Apk?

As we explained above, Merge Cats: Earn Crypto Reward is a game application that rewards crypto currency, which was developed by Sergey Zasorin and is included in the 9 best-selling puzzle games on the Google Play Store platform.

Interesting indeed, because there are rarely applications that have anything to do with crypto listed on the Play Store. Moreover, because only by playing missions the user can get a crypto balance, for trading purposes.

For those of you who are interested and try to play this money-making Merge Cats apk, below we have provided how to download, install, register and other information for you.

How to Download and Install Merge Cats Money Maker

To start this list of Merge Cats applications, make sure you have the apk first.

  • Open the Play Store app. then type “Merge Cats” in the search field.
  • If you find it a bit complicated, please copy and paste the following link: (copy and paste in the search field)
  • After entering the application menu, please download this Merge Cats apk.
  • When finished, please install.

When the Merge Cats apk installation process has been successful, the next step you need to do is register a Merge Cats apk account. And here are the steps!

How to Register for the Merge Cats Crypto Money Making Application

  • First, open the Merge Cats: Earn Crypto Rewards app.
  • Select the “Register” option to start registering this Earn Crypto Reward account.
  • At this stage, prospective registrants need to enter the requested data information.
  • After completing the data, click Register.
  • Wait for the registration data to be processed. If accepted, you can login to your Merge Cats account using the registered phone number and password.

If so, then Congratulations. Because you have successfully registered an account in this crypto-producing Merge Cats application. Then you can run various available missions to get souls which can later be exchanged for coins cryptopurency.

Mission List Apk Merge Cats: Earn Crypto Reward

Here are a series of missions or tasks that you need to complete to get souls from this application, please watch them carefully so that you can get a lot of points quickly.

Daily tasks

Perform daily tasks to earn blockchain tokens daily. Players can get souls faster according to your achievements and development.

Daily Capsule

Players can get daily capsules every 4 hours. The capsule containing the cryptocurrency can also be used by players to make a super cat.

Wheel of Fortune

Players can get blockchain by spinning the wheel of fortune once every day. Please use this opportunity to improve earning souls that you have.

Get Coins While Offline

Merge Cats cryptocurrency earning apk will also provide rewards even when you’re dreaming alias in offline mode. This reward will not stop, unless the player stops playing this cat game.

Regularly Update

While the player completes the missions of the cat game, and is busy upgrading to the next level. The Merge Cats application has also prepared further content, whether in terms of characters or new mechanisms.

With some of the missions that we have mentioned above, minus number 5. Because it only discusses system updates and features that are superior to this Merge Cats app. You also need to know how withdraw of this application.

If you have collected a lot of souls, then you can withdraw them into crypto money in several ways below.

How to Withdraw Crypto Balance in Merge Cats Money Making App

Before going to the topic of discussion, players need to know that the minimum soul to be able to convert it into crypto is 1000 to get $1.47. If the player already has this 1k soul coin, please do so withdraw in the following way:

  1. First, go to the Withdraw Menu.
  2. Then, select the e-wallet option.
  3. Please select the type of cryptocurrency, which includes: Uniswap, Hotbit, and Mercatox.
  4. Finally, enter the crypto nominal you want to withdraw and wait for the withdrawal process to be processed.

By following the steps above, you have successfully withdrawn your crypto money to your account e-money registered.

Questions About Merge Cats App: Earn Crypto Rewards Crypto Money Generator

Is Merge Cats Apk Proven to Pay or Scam?

Quoted from the Money Game YouTube channel, this Merge Cats application really makes money. However, many people disagree because they feel that it takes so long to collect souls.

Is the Merge Cats Apk Application Safe to Use?

The author’s personal opinion, because this application has been entered into the official PlayStore platform, we think Merge Cats: Earn Crypto Reward is safe to use. Moreover, there are no fees when players carry out the missions that have been provided.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the Merge Cats apk that generates crypto money. Hopefully, this application that can generate crypto digital money balances is trustworthy and can bring money coffers for its users. That’s all and good luck.