Microsoft Edge Update Failed Solution

In addition to Internet Explorer, there is also a default browser in Windows 10, namely Microsoft Edge. The browser has more features when compared to Internet Explorer. And also very light to use for multi-tab browsing purposes.

Microsoft Edge used to have a blue evening icon with a display flat. But since it was updated, the icon has changed to be more colorful. And the display or UI in this browser is also very pleasing to the eye.

If you recently updated Windows 10, you will sometimes be prompted to update Microsoft Edge as well. So a dialog will appear and after that the download process will start. However, not every update process is always successful, sometimes it can be a failure that is difficult to understand.

Why Does Updating Microsoft Edge Always Fail?

Sometimes it’s strange, because the update process is carried out within the browser itself, but in the end when you want to install it a “failed” notification appears and can’t continue anymore.

In my opinion, this could be due to several things. That is due to an internet connection, the installation file is not completely downloaded so that hash the received file is invalid, or an error from Microsoft Edge itself.

But take it easy, because of this matter can still be overcome. Even I also experienced the same thing and was finally able to update Microsoft Edge without any more problems.

Microsoft Edge Solution Can’t Update

Solving it is not difficult, because you just need to install it offline and after that Microsoft Edge will be updated successfully. And below I give the procedure for taking the offline installation file.

  1. Please open/click the MS Edge Download Page.

  2. Next scroll down and on the Channel/Versionselect on Stable the very top.

    Microsoft Edge Offline Installation File Download Process

  3. For options Builtalso select the top one.

  4. Meanwhile for options Platformsplease select according to the computer system.

  5. Next click the button DOWNLOAD.

  6. And after the download is complete, please run the installation file and wait for the process to complete.

Offline installation file size not up 100MB. And the update process is also quite fast, less than 5 minutes. So after opening the installation file, an administrator dialog will appear, please allow it, and after that you just have to wait.

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Overall, you just need to download the offline installation file and then install it. And this method is very safe because it directly downloads from the official Microsoft website and not from other sites.

Microsoft provides several versions of this browser for free to try. There’s even a beta version there too, so you can try out new features that haven’t been fully released on the stable version.

Hopefully useful and good luck