Mifi 4G AccessGo DM A002 Modem Review

One month ago since this article was written, I was looking for a 4G modem that is suitable for daily use. In the end, I found a modem with the AccessGo brand type DM A002 which I think is quite affordable.

This modem is indeed less popular than others, but there is something that makes me interested in this AccessGo modem. Namely, it supports all operators in Indonesia, even for cards Smartphone though.

Since one month of use, I really wanted to write a review on this device. Because I think, someone who wants to buy it must expect testimonials from users. Well it’s from advantages or disadvantages.

1. Modem temperature does not heat up fast

Although used for a long time, this modem does not heat up quickly and the temperature depends on the user’s use. So if it is used a lot, maybe the temperature can increase, but if 1 to 3 devices are used, this modem is only warm.

I have turned this modem on several times for 24 hours and no problems occurred. If coupled with a router, of course the functionality of this modem will be even better, and the temperature is only warm without worrying overheating.

2. Easy To Use

Basically, this device can be used immediately after you put the SIM Card and plug it into the electricity, or the term is Plug & Play. As long as the indicator light displays color green (4G) or blue (3G), it’s a sign that the internet connection is ready to use.

The navigation display on the Mifi settings is also simple and easy to reach. So you can manage everything like WiFi name, password, and so on easily. Even in it there is also an option to disable the internet connection too, you know.

3. Pretty Good Signal Strength

This modem does not have an external antenna, but the signal range I get is pretty good. In full signal conditions, the average internet speed obtained is 30Mbps. Julybe in certain areas, this speed will be different.

Meanwhile, if I put the SIM card directly on the phone with a full 4G signal, the speed can be up to 40Mbps. So overall, there is a speed difference of around 10Mbps. But that doesn’t matter, as long as this modem can reach 20Mbps, that’s enough for activities on the internet.

4. There is a Network Type Lock Feature

For some reason this feature seems important for all Mifi devices that have uses for lock the network type so that it doesn’t switch again. The DM A002 modem also has it.

So you can continue to use the 4G network without worrying about switching to 3G automatically. And if you want to use this feature, first make sure to disable the internet connection first in the settings.

Not only the type of network, you can also lock the network frequency as long as it is found. For example, only want to use TDD-LTE or FDD-LTE only.

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5. The Modem Doesn’t Have a Memory Card Slot

Julybe this is one of the drawbacks that I found on this AccessGo modem, where there is no memory card slot that can be used. It’s possible that this modem is more focused on Mifi, which has no purpose as a card reader.

6. Price

And the last is the price. At that time I bought it cost approx IDR 360,000. For me, it is quite affordable for a Mifi 4G modem that supports all operators. While the version below (DM A001) has a price that is quite different.

The difference is from the chipset side. On DM A002 using chipset ZTE which makes it not hot quickly so that the connection obtained can continue to be stable.

This article is based on my own experience in using it and there is no promotional element. So in the end you can decide for yourself whether you want to buy it or not.

One thing you need to know, that the signal strength obtained in an area may vary, so don’t think that using this modem the signal can be full immediately. In fact, this modem only aims to share internet connections, not as a signal booster.

Hopefully useful and good luck