Mind Map Answers Develop a Way of Thinking

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe students have come across questions that ask about the theme of mind maps. For example, mind map questions develop a way of thinking logically…?

Some students may find it difficult when they want to answer this question, because mind maps provide a broad understanding, which is a concept developed by a psychologist from England named Tony Buzan.

Instead of being curious about mind map questions, develop this way of thinking. Let’s see the answers and complete explanations related to learning about mind maps below.

Mind Map Answers Develop a Way of Thinking

You need to know, mind maps (Mind Mapping) develop a way of thinking Divergent (focus on finding solutions) and Creative. A mind map or concept map is a way to map a person’s thoughts/ideas, to make them easier to understand when other people read them.

This concept can help someone in various ways, for example planning something, communication, creativity, solving problems, focusing attention, organizing thoughts and others.

So, the answer to a mind map developing a way of thinking is Divergent and Creative. To make it easier for someone to understand ideas when communicating or solving problems at hand.

Mind Map Answer Explanation

Quoted from the journal Mind Mapping Techniques as an Effort to Improve Short Story Writing Skills for High School Students (2022), according to Khabib Sholeh and Siti Afriani mind maps are a form of incorporation of the many thoughts or ideas they have.

The use of mind maps can increase creativity and organize thoughts so that they can be easily understood by others. In addition, mind maps also make it easier for us to imagine goals and improve the quality of learning in educational institutions.

How to Make a Mind Map

Here’s what you need to know if you want to create a mind map or mind mappingthat is:

  • Determine the theme or problem
  • Please write the topic or theme in the middle.
  • Please specify the main idea related to the topic or theme.
  • Arrange the main ideas so they can stand on their own. Not related to other keywords.
  • Connect the main idea with the main theme in the middle using a line or branch.
  • Use bolder lines to mark themes and main ideas, and for the first branching keywords, please use thinner lines.
  • Make sure the theme, main idea, and branch keywords are clearly related.
  • Arrange the mind map well so that it is easily understood by others.

Thus the information that we can convey related to mind maps developing this way of thinking. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for all of you.