Mobile Phone Solution Can’t Receive SMS Messages

Since the chat application, many people have started to leave SMS messages because they prefer free services. Even so, the price of SMS messages for Indonesian cellular cards is actually not expensive, depending on each operator.

There are rarely problems with SMS messages so far. And even if that were to happen, the odds would be about undelivered SMS messages. But a serious problem is that you can’t receive SMS messages on your cellphone.

Incidents like that can indeed make your head dizzy, especially if you have tried various ways but to no avail. However, there is a way that I think is effective to overcome this problem. And all of that will be shared in this article.

Overcome Phone Can’t Receive SMS

1. Check SMS Center in Settings

The first solution is to check SMS center in the messaging settings. Is it set up correctly? And you can ask the operator of the appropriate card used to get the correct SMS center code.

To set up SMS Message Center, please go to the Messaging app, then go to Settings. Please look for the Message Center option there. Examples are as shown below:

Checking SMS Message Center

Because phones have different menus, so I can’t share exact steps regarding changing SMS Message Center. But the option is definitely available on all phones, and it’s in the Messaging Settings.

2. Ensure the Recipient’s Number is Unblocked

Some phones have a security feature that works to block spam messages. And what is blocked is usually the number, so that users no longer get messages from that number continuously.

Who knows the recipient’s number is being blocked so you can’t receive SMS from him. Please check that on the blocking settings of the messaging app.

Mobile Phone Solution Can't Receive SMS Messages

In addition, if you have previously installed an application to block numbers, please try it disabled first. Because that’s the possibility that causes the message can’t get into his cellphone.

3. Restart Phone

Restarting the phone is also a pretty effective way to make sure this problem is caused by a system malfunction. Because no system is perfect, so it can be problematic at any time.

By restarting or restarting the phone, it is possible that these malfunctions will disappear. In addition, the network of the mobile card will also be updated.

In addition to restarting the phone, you can also try to install the card on another phone just to make sure the problem is not from a cellphone you normally use.

4. Possible Trouble

If it happens trouble or interference, this should also be experienced by other phones that use the same card. So try asking friends or relatives around who use the same card, do they also experience this problem?

If it does happen trouble, then you just need to wait until this problem is fixed by the mobile card operator. And usually this only covers about 1 to 2 hours, after which the network will return to normal.

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5. Contacting the Cellular Card Operator

If all of the above have been done and the SMS message still hasn’t arrived, then the last method is contact support service or the operator of each card.

You can contact the card operator from social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Of course they will need some details like the date of the incident, cell phone number, etc. Please follow the procedure they provide.

In conclusion, SMS messages should be able to be received normally as long as the message center settings are set correctly and there is no blocking of the recipient’s number on the phone. I highly recommend doing the above solutions starting from the first point so that the results are effective.

If you have any questions regarding the solution above, don’t hesitate to comment in the column provided below.

Hopefully useful and good luck