Motivational Story: Do Good As Long As You Can

That day was the day when several battalions of soldiers would be dispatched to Afghanistan to replace the soldiers there who had started their term of service. For this purpose, the infantry commander of the army headquarters in California invited several professors to show motivation and encouragement to the young soldiers who were about to be dispatched. Michael, one of the soldiers who has experience in many wars and is nearing retirement, is assigned to pick up the professors at the airport not far from the headquarters.

Arriving at the airport, it turned out that the professors had been waiting for a long time, so Michael quickly asked for the professor’s suitcase and bag to take with him. The professor said it was better to just walk because the distance from the airport to the headquarters was very close, he said. Michael agreed and started walking behind the professor. While walking the professor observed the movements of the soldier who was given the task of picking him up in amazement. While carrying heavy bags and suitcases on the road he had time to help and seemed busy helping old people who were about to cross, donating a little money to beggars, helping to show the way for a tourist and this he did during the journey from the airport to the army headquarters, by helping and help the people he meets.

Arriving at the headquarters the professor wanted to know his surprise and invited Michael to chat. “I saw you helped a lot of people you met on the way from the airport here even though you were carrying a heavy load, where did you learn things like that?” Michael replied and smiled “I learned from the war sir”. He also recounted his experience during the Vietnam war, where he worked as a mine disposal for infantry troops who wanted to pass through a mine-infested area.

Every time he saw his friends died because of stepping on a mine. He thought back to when his friend’s wrong footing smashed his body into pieces. He continued, “I am determined that during that time I will do good wherever I am, because I don’t know how long I will be in the body, I never know if the next step is the last step, so I learn to do everything I can when I am still alive. lift and put my feet on. Every step I take is a new world, and I think since then I have lived a life like this, until one day my life is really taken by God “.

Do every good thing as much as you can do, do good while you are still given the opportunity, because you can never know when God will take the opportunity you have so you can’t do anything else.

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