Motivational Story: Learning the Love Life of a Couple of Lizards

That morning some workers seemed to be preparing everything to renovate a building, they carried out renovations because the building was quite old and they still remember very well because 10 years later they also built a house which is almost all made of teak wood. One of the workers seemed eager to dismantle one of the ceilings of the house. He dismantled the ceiling bulkhead and was surprised to see that the can of wood glue used to connect the wood to the ceiling was still left there and in good condition, because he still remembered that 10 years later he forgot to leave it there.

He was even more surprised when inside the can he saw a lizard trapped in it and all of its hind legs were tightly attached to the hardened layer of wood glue, only the front legs were not attached so that the lizard could still move its body. In his heart he thought how could a lizard that was attached to wood glue and couldn’t go anywhere for almost 10 years still be able to live there and still be alive, that was impossible and unreasonable. His great curiosity forced him to stop for a moment from his work and observe the lizard all day.

Even more shocked after 1 hour of observing the lizard, the worker saw another lizard holding and bringing food in the form of small insects in his mouth and giving it to the poor lizard. And so on for almost a day, other lizards that were there showed the food in their mouths several times a day. The worker observed and it turned out that the other lizard was a female lizard, it could be seen from its slightly smaller body color and a brighter color. The worker was amazed and speechless seeing the incident “This is really true love”, How we have to learn a lot from the life of the little animal, who has been faithful for 10 years to show food to his partner tirelessly, who remains faithful to accompany and find food when the couple can not do anything else. Out of pity, the worker released the lizard’s leg which was trapped in glue and let it go to find a partner who was looking for food for him.

“Learning the love life from a pair of lizards who remain faithful to accompany and show food when their partner can no longer do anything, sometimes we forget we just want to be loved by people who have many advantages… But sometimes we are too heavy to love a partner who has a lot of deficiency”.

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