Motivational Story : Pursuit of Perfection

Joni is the ideal type of man that many women are looking for. His body is dashing, intelligent, he has a good job as a marketing administrator for a well-known property company, his house is luxurious, his car is replaced every year with the latest brands and many other advantages that Joni has. However, Joni, until he was approaching the age of 3, had not yet got the mate he wanted. Many of his family and friends matched him with the best and nice girl with Joni’s desire to get married soon and get the right woman as his life companion.

But Joni is the type of person who is very picky, he wants a woman who has to be exactly like him who has many advantages. Due to pressure from his family and friends, Joni finally wanted to immediately find a companion on the condition that the woman had to make her own choice and she herself looked for her.

Rumors circulated in town A, a town that is adjacent to Joni’s residence, news spread that there was a former Army retiree who had 3 beautiful girls whose beauty was so famous that Joni was surprised and wanted to know the truth of the gossip. He hopes that he can find the right woman, one of the three army daughters, to be his life partner in the future. So Joni went to the retired soldier’s house with the desire to get to know the three girls better.

“Sir, my intention and purpose in coming here is to get to know your three daughters better, maybe there is someone who feels right for me and can be my companion.” The father understood what the boy meant and called his three daughters, “Please choose which of my three daughters suits you”. Joni was amazed to see the three soldiers’ daughters after seeing them come out of their room. “They are so beautiful, it’s true what they say” Joni thought. But Joni was very picky so he asked permission to go with each of the daughters of the soldiers, wishing to see the advantages they had and the soldiers allowed it.

The first week he took the soldier’s first daughter A for a walk, on the way Joni was amazed by A’s polite, gentle, intelligent and charming style of speech. Julybe this is my soul mate, Joni asked “What kind of food do you like to cook”, A replied “Sorry I can’t cook, mas. Joni is shriveled to hear that A can’t cook, in his mind how can he make me food if he can’t cook, as a result he gave up the intention to make A as his life companion.

The second week Joni had the opportunity to take B, the second child of the army, for a walk. Judging from her appearance and speech, Joni is sure that B is a smart, motherly woman, has a tall and ideal body, white skin is clean and when Joni asks about cooking, Si B says she can cook anything because indeed B is good at cooking and has a master’s degree from the major Catering reputed overseas universities. “Well this is my soul mate” Joni thought, so happy he held B’s hand and wanted to say would B be his wife, but once again he refused. When holding the hand of B, Joni saw that this girl’s little finger had a defect and he said it was an accident when he was a child. Joni was disappointed and gave up on taking B as his wife.

The third week with unsteady steps and looking a bit lazy, Joni took C, the youngest daughter of the retired soldier, for a walk. He saw from head to toe if only he had a defect and it looked like the woman was perfect. Even when spoken to, the person is fun because the C is easy to get along with. From the conversation, it can also be seen that this woman is smart, good at cooking, sexy, fashionable, and has other advantages. This week there was no visible shortage of the three retired soldiers’ daughters, as a result Joni believed this was the woman he had been looking for, beautiful, intelligent, highly educated, easy to get along with, cool, good at cooking, motherhood, ideal body etc. Finally, Joni proposed to the daughter of the three soldiers to be his wife, the marriage agreement was carried out as luxuriously as possible to sign that Joni had found his soul mate.

Today Joni is waiting for his wife who is about to give birth to the baby he longs for. Joni was anxiously waiting for his wife and when the baby’s cries broke, the anxiety disappeared and was replaced with happiness. Joni asked the doctor’s permission to see his baby and……. He was very surprised when he saw that his baby had black skin, a snub nose, a deformed finger, far from the characteristics of his father and mother. Joni ran to his father who was none other than the father of his wife, “Sir, why does my son get jet black, a snub nose and a finger like that… why can’t he be just like me or his mother…”.

The father replied, “Son, I have allowed you to choose which three of my daughters according to you are perfect, and you yourself have determined the third daughter of the father, which according to you is perfect, yes he is physically the most appropriate of all of your daughters, but he has shortcomings. 2 months before marrying you, my easy-going son took the wrong path and as a result he became pregnant because he was raped by a co-worker.”

“Never look at the perfection of someone directly, no matter how perfect they look. Everything always has advantages and disadvantages. If you pursue perfection like you are fishing in a dry river without water (impossible), because together nothing is right In this world, perfection belongs only to God.

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