Motivational Story : Searching & Finding Happiness

A farmer sits in a hut close to his field accompanied by his grandson, watching his corn field which has started to turn yellow and is ready to harvest. He told a wise message to his grandson, “Look and feel how important air is for my grandson’s life, without air we will all die, we cannot feel happiness if there is no air around us”. At the same time there was a crow that had been listening to this wise old man’s talk, he was very surprised and wanted to know what air is? Why is it so important to life, and why without air all life would die and without air could not find happiness.

So he flew up and asked about all the birds he met, none of whom knew and could answer the crow’s question. He was getting more and more restless and tried to fly back and forth from treetop to tree to find out what “air” really was. He was getting more and more restless because not a single bird could answer and show what air was. So busy flying here and there to find the response he was looking for, the crow began to thirst and went down for a moment to the river to drink water from the river. When he drank the river water he accidentally met an old turtle. The tortoise saw the crow was so confused and approached him to ask about it.

Crow why do you look restless and confused, what’s going on. The crow replied “I’m nervous because I’m looking for a response that worries me, I heard from the farmer that air is very important for life, without it we can all die? Do you know what air is a turtle? The turtle smiled and answered the crow’s question. “Air is the wind we breathe, it’s true crows that air is very important for life, without air all will die just like the water in which I live.” Don’t worry crow, the air and water have surrounded you, so you don’t even aware of its presence. Indeed, without it we would all die.”

What do these fairy tales mean to us? Humans sometimes experience the same situation as the crow, looking here and there about life and happiness, even though he is living it, even happiness is surrounding him to the point that he himself is not aware of it. All the things around us sometimes create our happiness but often we don’t really pay attention that these things are what create our happiness.

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