Motivational Story : The Miracle & Power of Love

We all agree that love can make things feel more beautiful or vice versa, even love can cause things that are impossible to happen can happen. Love has a power that is beyond the logic of human reasoning, even the power of love can make someone who is diagnosed medically impossible to survive, can change and even recover completely from the disaster like the story that we will discuss below.

Emilie Gossiaux is a sweet and cheerful French girl who fills her days. An old girl who is known for her beauty, friendliness and soft speech causes this sweet old girl to be chased by many men in the area where she lives with her family. Many boys try to get her attention, and Alan Lundgrand is a lucky and successful virgin to get the girl’s attention.

However, the beauty and cheerfulness of the sweet girl suddenly disappeared after one day she had a tragic accident, at the age of 21 in 2011. She intended to go around the city park in her area just to just let go of fatigue after the busy campus activities for the past few days forced her to think. more extra. He had a tragic accident when he was hit by a truck loaded with building materials, causing several broken bones in his legs, arms, ribs and spine. As a result of several crushed Emilie’s spine he lost consciousness (coma), lost hearing and went blind.

Until a few days of treatment at the hospital the team of doctors who handled it were overwhelmed and felt succumbed to the condition. The team of doctors diagnosed that in addition to this, Emilie also suffered from internal organ damage, so the chances of her surviving this tragic tragedy are very slim, and predicting that Emilie’s life will not be long. Hearing the doctor’s words, the virgin Alan who became Emilie’s lover was furious and said “You are not God who has the authority to estimate a person’s age, if you feel unable to handle this, I agree I will take him home and treat him until he is completely healed”. After a tough conversation, Emilie’s family and Alan decide to bring Emilie who is in a coma to take care of her at home.

Yes, even based on the medical world which states that Emillie’s chances of survival are only a few percent, even if Emillie recovers, the medical team assures that she will not truly recover completely. However, Alan Lundgrand, the lover of Emillie, thinks differently, he thinks and believes that Emillie will recover as before, and he will prove this by showing the loyalty of true love. He became the one who was willing to take care of Emilie with his own hands. Yes, Alan’s days were spent taking care of Emillie with the rest of Emillie’s family. He and the rest of Emilie’s family take turns taking care of the sweet girl in turn, when Alan works, Emilie’s parents take care and wait for him, and when Alan comes home from work he will faithfully accompany and care for Emilie sincerely.

One day Emilie’s condition got worse, this made Alan very sad to see the suffering of his idol girl, he was very haunted and worried about Emilie’s condition and was very afraid if conditions got worse and something happened to Emilie. By shedding tears and stroking Emilie’s hair Alan whispered softly in the sweet girl’s ear ” Wake up dear, I need you to accompany me through the day with you … If you feel the same as me then fight so that you remain influential and excited, look at all the people near you who love you…your father, your mother, your sister and I am a bad virgin who is lucky to have you. There is nothing I fear in this world, what I fear if I lose you Emillie”.

Alan saw that his idol girl looked more and more pale, Alan’s heart rumbled the more haunted he didn’t want to happen. Alan held Emilie’s hand tightly and gave a cue using palm touch to communicate with Emilie. Alan wrote ‘I Love You’ on his palm and held Emilie’s hand.

He also got a very surprising reaction, Emilie was able to translate and reply slowly and softly out of his lips a word of thanks. Alan was taken aback and hugged Emilie tightly. Since then, Alan always tries to talk to Emilie, until Emilie can remember everything again. The thing is very amazing, 2 years of offering such extraordinary affection until in 2022 then Emillie was able to recover from paralysis, blindness and her hearing was completely back. something so extraordinary that even the medical world was amazed and amazed by this.

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