Motivational Story : True Love Doesn’t Know Distance & Time

Love sometimes creates catastrophic incidents that are not possible to happen, incidents that are thought mentally cannot enter the mind can become miracles that can happen. Like the following real story that I took from a popular website that became the reference for writing in this motivational column.

This story takes place in Great Britain or we are more familiar with England, occurred during the second World War between the years 1939 -1945. Bob Humprhies was still quite old when he fell in love with his neighbor’s son, Bernie Bluett, the old girl he attended school with. Their love was blooming beautifully, before the second world war began when Hitler the leader of the center axis troops tried to take power from the hands of France and England. Like other nationalist boys, who were willing to sacrifice their souls and bodies in defending their country, Humprhies was moved to take up arms against the Nazi attack on his country.

In fact, it was very hard for him to leave Bernie, and Bernie objected that the boy of his dreams would join the war, he was worried about the safety of the person he loved. However, Humprhies had strong aspirations to defend his country, then he joined the United Kingdom Army Division with other allied forces to block the advance of Nazi troops who began to advance into France which would then enter British territory.

The war raged for some time and finally the Nazi troops relented unconditionally after Berlin could be occupied by Soviet troops. During the war the Humpries were still in France and guarded the border posts with Germany. It’s a very difficult love effort when distance and circumstances separate. During this tenure he broke off contact with Bernie, the woman who became his idol, this was not because Humprhies repeatedly sent letters to his lover but the letter never reached Bernie because Bernie’s father was detained, Bernie’s father had his own reasons why the letter it did not reach Bernie and disapproved of Humphries’ kinship with his daughter Bernie.

Bernie also repeatedly sent letters to the boy he idolized, but the letters never reached Humprhies’ hands because the postal conditions in France were chaotic at the end of the war. Bernie finally agreed to his father’s choice of candidate only because he wanted to please his father, not because of his own choice. Humprhies himself was eventually married to a French girl.

Finally after 70 years apart, Bob finally has a strong desire to return to his homeland in England after his wife died, do not know the reason why he really wants to return to England, but his heart has strong aspirations and seems to require him to return to his homeland. Humprhies finally returned to England and visited his homeland which left many fond memories of his teenage years.

They also met again in a state of widowed Bob as well as Bernie, who had just lost her husband, and then married. Mrs. Bernie’s dream when she was young came true, she married a handsome soldier who has always been her true love. And in the end Humprhies got the perfect answer why he wanted so badly and had a strong desire to return to England, because that piece of his heart made him sure to return to England. .

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