Nafisa Fidela: Her Age and Social Media Accounts – Who doesn’t know Nafisa Fidel? Roblox and Sakura School Simulator game YouTubers who have this adorable voice, many people like it.

Until this article was written, Nafisa Fidela has created a variety of entertaining content, such as funny games, funny games, horror, parody dramas, vlogs and so on.

In his YouTube channel, namely ‘Nafisa Fidela’. He has gained more than 2 million subscribers, and continues to grow every day. That’s quite an impressive number for these little Youtubers.

Information About Nafisa Fidela

As we mentioned above, Nafisa Fidela often uploads content about games, be it Bad Granny, Roblox, Toca Life, Wobbly Life, Scarcy Butcer, Scarcy, Teacher, and lately she often uploads content about the game Sakura. School Simulator.

In the game Sakura School Simulator, this teenager who is still in junior high school often shares drama content, shares id props, and tips and tricks about playing Sakura.

Well, for fans of Nafisa Fidela’ who are curious about biodata such as the age and social media accounts of these little YouTubers. Below we will also provide complete information.

Nafisa Fidela’s Age

Julybe some of the subscribers to Kak Nafisa are curious about the age of this little creator’s content. Apart from watching entertaining content, people are often curious about the age and place of residence or house of Nafisa Fidela.

We quote from the description of his YouTube channel which provides information about him. It is known that Nafisa Fidela is now 13 years old, or we estimate grades 8-9 of junior high school (SMP).

However, we couldn’t get any information about the home address or residence and school of these gaming YouTubers. Because, in general, only the description of the YT channel is shared.

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Nafisa Fidela’s Social Media Accounts

As a fan of sis Fidel, it’s incomplete if you don’t know her social media accounts. Well, below we have listed Nafisa Fidela’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Tiktok and email.

  • TikTok: @nafisafidela
  • Facebook: Nafisa Fidela
  • YouTube:\NafisaFidela
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Those are some addresses of social media accounts from Nafisa Fidela. For those of you who want to chat or ask questions with him, you can contact him through one of the media we listed above.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the biodata of Nafisa Fidela. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. Don’t forget to support Nafisa’s channel by liking, sharing, and commenting on every post she makes. Thank you and hopefully useful.