Natural Tips to Heal & Overcome Boils

Boils are inflammation that often causes pain or tenderness when touched, boils can appear anywhere on your body, then what exactly is a boil? According to the Wikipedia site a boil is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in cavities in the tissue after infection (usually due to germs or parasites) or foreign substances (such as dirt, dust, wounds or oil). Boils are an immune reaction of the tissue to prevent the spread of foreign substances in the body.

Boils can also be called an infection or inflammation of the skin tissue. Abnormal organisms or objects kill surrounding cells, causing the release of toxins. The toxin causes inflammation, white blood cells flow to the area and then increases blood flow in the area. Boils are also often referred to as skin boils or furuncles, infections of the skin that are usually very painful, because the skin tissue inside is inflamed or infected so that it is filled with pus and is a bulge that develops on the skin.

Natural Tips to Heal & Overcome Boils

The shape and size of the boil can vary greatly depending on how large the area of ​​infection or inflammation is, it can be as big as a pimple or it can grow to the size of a golf ball. this time Tips & how-to will share information about how to deal with boils in a natural way, below: some tips to overcome boils:

Hot water compress
Compressing with warm water aims to clean the infection area so it doesn’t enlarge and cleans germs and germs on the surface and accelerates the recovery of inflammation in the skin area. Make sure the cloth to compress the boil area is really clean and hygienic.

Betel leaf
Betel leaf is popular because it contains natural antibiotics that are useful for killing germs and germs in the boil area. Betel leaf is also really useful for curing boils, and speeding up the healing process in boils that burst. How to use it pick 5 pieces of betel leaf and wash it thoroughly. Next, the betel leaf is boiled until it boils. Then cool the cooking water until it becomes warm, then apply it to the boil area. Do it regularly until the boil dries.

Chilli Leaf
Chili leaves have a warm effect and help speed up boils. How to make and use it, prepare a few chili leaves and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Wash the chili leaves until completely clean, then puree can be pounded until it becomes smooth. Then mix the softened chili leaves with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and stir until completely mixed. Next, paste the material around the boil until it becomes dry, repeat the steps twice a day

Garlic is popular because of its high antioxidant and antiseptic content, acts as an antimicrobial and is quite efficient when used for treating boils. What you need to do
Just take a slice of garlic, then place it on the boil then wrap it with a cloth until the heat from the garlic can do the healing.