Natural Ways to Overcome Acne, Conducive & No Side Effects

How to deal with acne – Everyone who lives in this world must have experienced acne in their life even if only once, at least that’s the opinion of Kligmann, an acne expert and researcher. Then how acne can occur? Acne will appear or appear can be caused by many factors. Some of the factors that cause acne are as follows:

Common Causes of Acne

  • Acne can appear when the skin pores are clogged with dust, dirt, oil buildup, dead skin cells, cosmetic residues and cause inflammation under the dead skin cells so that inflammation will appear above the skin, usually marked by a reddish color on the skin. this can be exacerbated by the P Acne bacillus (acne-causing bacteria). So this bacillus is also very suggestive of acne, even in certain cases this bacilli will develop in the sebaceous glands and cause more widespread irritation, and in this case it occurs in cystic acne.
  • Acne can also appear due to hormonal problems (hormonal changes in the body), these hormonal changes can occur when stress, pregnancy, menstruation, use of certain drugs such as birth control pills.
  • Excess oil production can also cause acne. When the face or body produces excess oil, it is most likely that a person is more likely to suffer from acne.
  • The use of dirty daily tools can cause acne such as towels, cell phones, pillows, blankets or other dirty tools that can cause the transfer of dirt to the skin which can clog pores and cause acne. The use of certain cosmetics and medications can also cause acne.

So, those are some of the most common and common factors that can cause acne. So make sure you know the tips on how to prevent acne such as:

Acne Prevention

  • Avoid stress
  • Make sure your facial skin is always clean from dirt, dust, oil or the rest of the rest of the cosmetics (makeup) such as washing your face before you sleep or after traveling.
  • Always use a facial soap that is right for your skin type, the use of facial soap that is not perfect will actually create excess oil production on the face so that it can cause acne.
  • Use daily equipment in a hygienic condition such as cell phones, helmets, pillows, blankets, towels and your daily equipment in a clean condition.
  • Do not touch or squeeze the pimple too often, it can actually cause the pimple area to expand.
  • A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, examples of healthy and balanced eating such as lots of water, fruits and vegetables, and avoiding stress.
  • Avoid consuming too many foods or drinks that can increase the likelihood of acne such as oily foods, fried foods, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.

Acne is generally divided into 3 categories as follows:

Types of Acne

Blackheads are also a type of acne, there are 2 types of comedones, namely open comedones (blackheads) and closed comedones (whiteheads). Open comedones or black heads are open comedones (because these comedones are on the outer layer of the skin) and are usually white in color with black tips and are usually found on the nose and above the chin or under the lips. White heads or closed comedones are types of blackheads that are located under the skin layer, usually characterized by white pimples on the inner layer of the skin and are usually found on the cheeks or forehead.

Normal or mild acne
Acne is the most common suffered by a person. This type of acne is easy to spot, small pink or reddish bumps. Occurs because clogged pores are infected by the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria usually live in blocked sebaceous gland canals, which are places where fatty acids are found in the sebaceous gland sacs hidden in the pores of the skin. Given the name propionibacterium because it can produce propionic acid (propionic acid). This bacterium is an anaerobic type so it can live without the need for oxygen, and has aerotolerant characteristics that cause irritation to the surrounding area. Infecting bacteria can be from washcloths, makeup brushes, fingers, and also the phone. Stress, hormones and humid air can increase the chances of acne forming.

Pebble acne or severe acne
Severe acne or gravel acne or in the medical world often referred to as Cystic Acne is a type of severe acne because this type of acne is very difficult to treat, you should consult this with the relevant doctor to get the right treatment. Cystic acne is usually genetic or hereditary, so if your family members such as your grandparents, father or mother suffer from acne, it is very likely for you to suffer too. Cystic acne or pebble acne usually sufferers produce excess oil continuously, causing it to flood the skin pores and cause widespread, large and comprehensive inflammation throughout the face. Abnormal growth of skin cells that cannot regenerate as quickly as normal skin Has an excessive response to inflammation that leaves scars on the skin

After you know the causes, prevention and types of acne, now is the time for you to know how to deal with acne safely and without side effects because it uses natural ingredients which of course are safe for all your skin types. Here’s how to deal with acne safely and without side effects.

Overcoming Acne Naturally

  • Make sure you always clean your face to reduce the area of ​​widespread acne.
  • Do not squeeze or touch the pimple too often because it can cause the area of ​​the pimple to widen and may leave bacteria from your hands onto the pimple which will aggravate the acne condition.
  • Stop using facial soap that is not appropriate.
  • Stop using cosmetics or makeup until your acne disappears.
  • You can also use herbal or natural ingredients to treat stubborn acne in the following ways:

Overcoming acne with garlic
Garlic has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that are very good for treating acne. The trick is to smooth or thinly slice the garlic and then apply it on the acne-prone area. Leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse with clean water, do it in the morning and before going to bed until the acne disappears.

Overcoming acne by using egg mask
As you know egg whites are very good for moisturizing facial skin, making facial skin more supple and smooth, but you can also use it to treat excess oil and treat acne. The trick is to separate the egg white from the yolk, use this egg white as a face mask and leave it on your face for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water, do this regularly before you go to sleep until the acne is resolved.

Treat acne with tomatoes, lemons and potatoes
These ingredients are very good for helping accelerate skin regeneration, making it brighter and of course overcoming your acne. The trick is to choose one of the easiest ingredients in your home and slice it and rub it gently on the acne-prone area of ​​the face. Let stand for about ten minutes then rinse with clean water, do this before going to bed until the acne disappears.

Overcoming acne by using papaya leaves.

  • Take 2-3 pieces of old papaya leaves, then dry in the sun.
  • Mash the papaya leaves and give water and then squeeze to take the juice.
  • Apply the papaya leaf juice on the pimple.

Overcoming acne by using radish.

  • Wash the radish to taste, then grate the radish and take the water.
  • Add a little apple cider vinegar and mix until smooth.
  • Apply it on the pimple, leave it on until it dries.
  • After drying, wash with water.
  • Do it regularly until the acne is resolved.