Never Give Up, Stay Enthusiastic & Motivated When Difficult

It is undeniable that difficult times can make someone easy to down, easy to give up and easy to give up. Even the most ambitious, motivated people sometimes have a hard time getting things done when they are down and down. Difficult times are indeed the main factor for someone to easily give up and give up. But if we only mourn the difficult times and do not make changes, then the situation will not metamorphose for the better forever.

It’s okay for us to be a little sad when it’s difficult to approach our lives but we are stopped for long lamenting about it. Here are some tips and ways to get out of a slump and get motivated again.

Trying to rise from adversity

Find out the reason why you are down and try to find a solution
Here are some reasons you might be in a slump:

  1. You are afraid of failure, don’t know what to do or often underestimate small things so you procrastinate getting things done, the solution is never to postpone something. Immediately do what you have to do so that there are no tasks or obligations that accumulate which in turn will make you stressed and feel heavy to complete.
  2. Lack of enthusiasm, easy to give up, emotional and lazy are often caused by a lack of physical fitness. The solution is to improve general body health by exercising regularly, getting enough rest, referencing a healthy and balanced diet. The sick person doesn’t feel well overall.
  3. You lack confidence. Someone who always feels anxious, afraid to try, afraid of being wrong, is surrounded by excessive worry, usually his life will be slumped, yes because they are afraid to do anything. You are afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something. The solution is to get rid of worry, worry and anxiety because what you fear may not happen.
  4. Failure also often makes a person down. Every successful person in this world must have tasted 2,3,4 and even dozens of failures before they were successful, so it is true that failure is a delayed success for those who do not give up and always learn to fix their mistakes or failures.

When you’re afraid to make changes or do something, it makes it almost impossible to get excited about it
It’s almost impossible to have high enthusiasm and motivation if you don’t have goals or goals, especially when difficult times come. But if you always have a plan little by little in choosing your life goals or goals, then you will have the spirit to achieve them. The goal to change life, the spirit of change for the better and planning for the future will keep you excited, motivated and never give up trying even in times of adversity or difficult times.

When you lack confidence, then the important things in your life will just pass
Are you feeling inferior, lacking in confidence or afraid to do something? Are there negative comments in your life that have bothered you and made you give up? Do you compare yourself to others? Or do you not forgive yourself when you fail? If you do that then you will forever be unmotivated in life, easily broken when others are wary of you and not motivated to live a better life.

When you are in the middle of the journey you reach your goals, and when the hurricane arrives you persist.
When you set out to achieve a big goal, it’s usually quite easy to get very motivated in the beginning. At first, you think about the end result, and you are full of anticipation and enthusiasm. It’s also pretty easy to get motivated at the end of a long journey. Once it’s in sight, the excitement of seeing the finish line can keep you going.

However, the long journey to achieve the goal usually has difficulties, obstacles and difficult times. And when you see that something you are planning is starting to look not like you imagined then it is enough to make you give in and give up. In the middle, you realize exactly how much time and effort it will take to complete your journey.

You are frustrated and often have difficulty pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to move forward. Remember to think concretely and rationally, when you have a goal of thousands of miles to climb a mountain you will still meet a steep uphill road full of rocks, steep cliffs, dead ends, and other obstacles. but if you persist and move forward even on all fours you will reach your goal which is “the pinnacle of success”.

Remember that adversity doesn’t last forever, so never give up, stay motivated and stay motivated.
Start moving forward with small steps. Remember that persistence can make a big difference in your success. Remember that success is a wild ride with many bumps and turns in the road, and not usually the straight line that people imagine. Remember that moving forward when you’re not feeling motivated helps you push through your fears, get out of your comfort zone, and win the mental battle you have with yourself. Every step you take during tough times helps you feel more confident and capable, and gives you the momentum to keep moving out of your slump.

Always think rationally, every night there must be day, every dark there must be detail and every difficulty there must be ease. Whenever you set out to achieve something in your life, you will face a lot of resistance. resistance that can make you feel unmotivated and sink you into a slump. However, pushing through resistance and taking action to get out of your slump will help set you up for long-term success. When you realize that you can actually get yourself motivated on your bad days, you’ll know in the future how to get yourself through additional tough times.

Everyone has their downs and downs from time to time. Recognizing the cause of your lack of motivation, and taking immediate action to get out of your slump will help minimize down time and maximize your success.