Orders Being Verified By Shopee? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – Shopee users may have encountered problems when using this application, for example when buying an item a notification appears that the order is being verified by Shopee.

This Shopee order verification problem is sometimes experienced by users. Especially for buyers who have made an order to the store where the desired item is.

Therefore, below we will provide a brief explanation regarding the order being verified by Shopee. So, please read this article to the end to find out the detailed information.

What is an Order is being verified by Shopee

Quoted from seller.shopee.co.id an order that is being verified or postponed is an order that has been verified for payment, but is in the process of being checked by Shopee.

This order checking process usually takes quite a lot of time, with a maximum duration of 4 hours. During this time, Shopee will re-check the details of the order made.

Therefore, this Shopee verification status was created to select re-orders whether it’s quantity, weight, use of vouchers and all matters related to orders made by the buyer. Also Read: If I Cancel an Order at Shopee, Will the Voucher Return?

How to View Pending Order Information

You can view orders that are being verified or pending in various ways. Well, below we will provide information regarding how to find out certain orders directly on the Shopee application, How:

  • Via Shopee Toko: please enter the Shopee application, then enter the ‘My Sales’ menu. There will be information related to pending orders or being verified in this section.
  • Via Seller Center: please go to the ‘Seller Center’ menu, then look for the ‘My shipments’ option. Various kinds of information will appear that you can access. Among them are Need to be processed, Already processed, and Pending. Select the pending option to view package details.

That’s how to see package information that is being verified by Shopee. So, what to do if you find this pending order, min? do I have to contact the shop or SC Shopee application? Relax, below we will also explain it.

Addressing Orders Being Verified or Pending By Shopee

You need to know, there are several things that cause why the order status appears being verified by Shopee. One of the main reasons for this problem is Shopee by reviewing the goods or products you buy.

If you are a customer who is having problems with your Shopee order being delayed or verified, all you need to do is wait until Shopee has finished checking.

If the order check is successful, the item you purchased will immediately change to the status ‘Sent’ (meaning the order has been sent by the seller). But if it fails then the pending order turns into a canceled order.

How to Track Orders on Shopee

If your order passes the verification process, then we will then provide information on how to track orders on the Shopee application.

  • Open Shopee App
  • Click the ‘Me’ option in the left corner of the application
  • Click the ‘Delivered’ option in the ‘My Order’ section.
  • Then click order of choice.
  • Click on the ‘Receipt Number’ listed.
  • Then the location or position of the order that you bought will appear.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the order being verified by Shopee. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Also Read: How to Find the Nearest Shopee Express Drop Point

Don’t panic when you find that your order notification is being verified or pending. Immediately find out via YouTube or read this article to the end. Thank you and hopefully useful. Regards