Overcome “failed to create transaction” When Sending Monero Balance

Monero (XMR) is a CryptoNight type coin that has been around for a long time, starting more or less from 2014 and is still growing. This one coin highlights the way of transactions, where the sender and receiver can protect privacy well, and unlike Bitcoin.

The Monero wallet is also available for various operating systems, be it on Android though. The process of sending or receiving balances is also fairly easy, it’s just that if there are problems, it will be something confusing.

For example, failing to send a balance and a notification appears like the following:

Error: Failed to find a way to create transactions. This is usually due to dust which is so small it cannot pay for itself in fees, or trying to send more money than the unlocked balance, or not leaving enough for fees

Things like that rarely happen. But if you experience it, you should calm your mind first. Because in this article, several solutions will be given to overcome them so that you can send your Monero balance normally again.

1. Reduce Number of Shipments

Julybe you want to send all the balance you have, but that can’t be because there is fee to be borne by the sender. The amount of fee required is usually not high, but it depends on how much balance you will send.

So for example you currently have 10 XMRso that the transaction is successful, you can send approx 9.8 XMR and the rest is a fee. So in conclusion, leave a little for the fee to the miner so that the transaction is successfully made.

2. Due to Blockchain Height Not Syncing

This obstacle also often occurs if someone is not aware of the currently out of sync blockchain height. Can be local node problematic so that it no longer detects the new block. So the solution is to refresh the wallet.

If in the terminal, you can simply use the command refresh when the wallet is open and then during the process, please match the current block height on the Monero network. That way you will be able to see actual balance or the actual balance on the wallet.

3. Due to Monero Balance Still Locked

If the balance is still locked, of course you will not be able to send it to any address. All you have to do is wait until the balance opens or unlocked. The waiting process is not long, more or less only 15 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Locked balance normally requires 10 confirmations, so you can do track against the locked ID transaction and wait until it gets 10 confirmations. Then try sending Monero balance again, it will definitely work now.

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4. Try Sending Balance Via WEB Wallet

Are you currently wearing local node? If so, try to use WEB Wallet. It is provided directly by the Monero team, so there is no need to doubt about its security. The address is the following:


Import the wallet first and then wait a while, at least 10 minutes for the block height to sync. Then try to send the balance.

Using the WEB Wallet is the same as using remote nodes. And as long as nodes it is provided directly from the official, so there is nothing to worry about, all data will be safe, and so is the balance.

So those are some solutions that you can do to overcome the problem of failing when sending Monero balances. Normally, the most important method should be able to overcome it, because judging from the error that appears, it’s just a lack of fee fees. But there’s no harm in trying the next method if the main method doesn’t work.

But if all the methods above still don’t work to send the balance. I highly recommend contacting Monero through the forum Reddit or Discord. They are always active there and soon your question will get a direct response from the Monero team.

Hopefully useful and good luck