Overcome Notifications There Seems To Be Another App Blocking Access to Google Play

Portalsitaro.com – Google Play Store is a provider of various free and paid applications that can be used for Android platform cellphones. These various application containers provide many safe applications that you can download at will.

Even so, we often encounter problems when using it. for example a notification appears ‘There seems to be another app blocking access to Google Play’. so we can’t use it.

Well, below we will provide complete information related to warnings about other applications that block access to the Play Store. So, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

There seems to be another app that is blocking access to Google Play

This notification that there are other applications blocking access to Google Play is a warning that is present when the user wants to enter the Google Play store application on the user’s Android phone.

This warning is present as a form of things that prevent user activation from being able to download, install, and uninstall applications that are obtained from the application store provided by Google.

So, how to solve the problem of having other applications that block access to the Google Play Store?

To answer the questions above, below we will provide various tips to be able to make Google Play access that was previously blocked so that it can be used again. Please refer to some of the following solution methods.

How To Fix It Seems There Are Other Apps Blocking Access to Google Play

Here are the things you need to try to be able to solve the problem of not being able to access Google Play because it is blocked by other applications!

1. Check the Security of Installed Applications

Sometimes, users who install applications outside the Play Store or download haphazardly on fake websites with apk file formats have problems with security in the available applications.
Therefore, you can scan the application before installing it.

Julybe there are hidden files that endanger the security of the user’s cellphone, for example there is a virus in the apk

You can get a virus scanner application by asking friends or downloading directly to trusted sites that provide safe and virus-free apk files.

Users can also check whether there are harmful applications on the Android phone that we use by going to Settings and then heading to Application Management. If there are applications that are suspicious or have never been installed. Please just delete it.

2. Log Out Google Account and Restart HP

If the method above doesn’t work, you can do this second method, which is to exit the Google account and then restart the cellphone. The restart activity here is not just turning off the cellphone, but making it factory settings.

By doing this, the phone will automatically return to the way you started using a new cellphone. At the same time, it will eliminate harmful applications that were previously attached to the cellphone.

After being able to access the cellphone again, do link the account with your previous Google account. So that the data stored in the account can be returned to its original state, aka not lost.

This method is also often done by people who have problems with their google account not being able to open. By loading the Google Play account again, the last saved data will be reloaded.

Those are some of the methods you can do related to overcoming the problem ‘There seems to be another application blocking Play Store access’. please try one by one to see if this trick works or not.

The first method is the one that we recommend for you. because we don’t need to restart the cellphone which is prone to other problems when we forget the user’s Google account. Thank you and hopefully useful.