Overcoming Cannot Enter WiFi Router Admin Page

The admin page on a WiFi router is essential for managing things like changing passwords, SSID names, buttonless restarts, and much more. Of course, it is very important to make sure the admin page can function properly so that everything is under control.

For most routers, the admin page is easily accessible via IP Gateway. One of the example is it can also be different depending on the IP settings that have been set.

But sometimes there is a problem that makes users unable to enter the admin page in various ways. I don’t know if it’s because of that page can’t be accessed in browseror allow wrong username and password though never change it. And this article will explain the solution to overcome it.

Solution Can’t Enter WiFi Admin Page

There are two things to share here. That is a solution to overcome the admin page that cannot be opened, or until it appears timeout in the browser. And the second is the result of the wrong user password even though he has typed it correctly. Please select according to the problem you are experiencing now.

Timeout Appears When Accessed

This problem is often caused by an internal error, which will usually be remedied by simply restarting the router manually with a button. However, if it doesn’t work, please follow the steps below.

1. Connect WiFi with Static Mode

There are Dynamic and Static modes that can be used to connect to a WiFi network. If dynamic is the setting to get the IP address automatically from the router, while static is the setting to set the IP address manually.

So with Static mode, you can set your own device IP address and IP Gateway. Please set the IP address correctly so that you can connect to the internet. If it is already connected, try to open the admin page again via IP Gateway.

2. Connecting with a LAN Cable

Every WiFi router must have a LAN (RJ45) port that serves to connect directly to the network and can also access everything on the router. So prepare a laptop and a LAN cable, then connect it to the router.

Instantly the local network will be detected and you can immediately try to open the admin page from the browser. Please check, is it still showing up now timeout?

I recommend entering the router admin page via IP and not with the domain or web address written on the router. For example like “tplinkwifi.net“, because it’s possible that’s the obstacle.

If you don’t know how to check IP Gateway, please go to Command Prompt and type ipconfig /alllater IP Gateway will appear in the Default Gateway and please access via browser.

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Wrong Username and Password When Entering the Admin Page

This is much different from the first obstacle above, because the condition is that the user can access the admin page, but cannot enter or log in. The only problem is that someone has changed it recently.

So the solution is to reset the router manually by pressing the small button on the back of the router with a small needle. But this method will risk the previous WiFi settings will disappear, so you have to set it up again from scratch.

If you don’t know where the reset button is, here’s an example image (the button is in a hole).

Reset Button on WiFi Router

Press the button for about 15 seconds when the router is on, and after that the device will reboot and return to normal.

Next, please enter the admin page with the default information (usually admin & admin). Surely now users can log in and can reset all WiFi settings as before.

Hopefully useful and good luck