Overcoming Tiredness, Fatigue & Loss of Concentration When Driving

Often driving long distances, whether for work, vacation, returning home or any event that requires driving, you need to pay attention to driving safety and comfort. Because when driving your safety, passengers and other drivers are at stake if you are not careful. So far, most people think that fatigue while driving is less of a threat than being drunk or sleepy. In fact, such an assumption is not correct. Many studies say that the incidence of accidents that have occurred so far is a sign that fatigue that triggers drowsiness has been the cause of 37 percent of the total 100 accident incidents.

When the body is tired, tired it will cause drowsiness and loss of concentration driving because the sensory and motor nerves are weak so that one’s reflexes are also weakened. Then how to deal with feeling tired, whacked fatigue resulting in your lack of concentration in the middle of a long trip? Here are some useful tips for you:

Don’t drive more than three hours
Driving a vehicle, either a four-wheeled vehicle or another two-wheeled vehicle for three hours continuously without stopping, causes the sensory and motor nerves of a person who drinks alcoholic beverages with a content of 40 percent. This can happen because the two nerves are in tension because the person concerned is required to concentrate on paying attention to the road and the condition of the vehicle. If the two nerves had to be tensed for three hours continuously, they would be exhausted too. The effect is reflex action and decreased concentration.

Take a break and do some light stretching
Rest and light stretching you can do to overcome the loss of concentration, sleepiness or fatigue. If on the way you have started to feel the symptoms of fatigue and drowsiness, you should stop the vehicle and rest in the perfect area, of course. Rest for 30 minutes or at least 20 minutes will restore your concentration and make your body fitter.

When you get up from rest you also take time to stretch or do light exercise for about 5 minutes in the order of the top part of the body, namely the head, shoulders, arms, shoulders, knees, and legs. Perform pulling movements up, twisting, and folding. This will help bring back blood thinking more smoothly. When the blood flow is smooth you will get your concentration back to continue driving.

Don’t eat a lot of heavy food
Heavy foods are foods that contain lots of high carbohydrates such as rice or wheat. If you eat a lot of this type of food, it will make you feel sleepy while driving. L-Tryptophan or an essential amino acid in carbohydrates will be converted into niacin and vitamin B. While niacin produces serotonin. Serotonin is based on health experts, will stimulate the brain to cause a sense of comfort in the body and then trigger drowsiness.

Drink stimulants if you have to
Stimulants are foods and drinks that help you stay awake. But make sure to remember not to consume these foods and drinks in excess because they are not good for your health. Some of these stimulants like energy drinks, caffeine in coffee etc.