Pay FIF Bills at Shopee, Can You? This is the explanation – Julybe some people who have FIF Group bills have thought about making payments via online channels, which may be considered more time-saving and budgeted.

Some people have asked whether they can pay FIF bills on Shopee? One of the marketplaces that provide bill payment services and credit installments, in it.

Well, below we will explain a little information related to being able to pay FIF in the Shopee application. So, please read this article to the end to find out the full details. Also Read: How to Disable Friend Activity on Shopee

Pay FIF on Shopee, Can you?

Before going to the topic of discussion, namely how to pay FIF on Shopee, users of this leading marketplace application in Indonesia may already know how to access the ‘Instalment credit’ menu, which is already available on the application homepage.

Various kinds of credit installments can be paid through the Shopee application with various payment methods. Whether it’s using Shopeepay, Indomaret, Alfamart, using bank transfers virtual account both BRI BCA BNI and Mandiri, and so on.

However, when the author was exploring the credit installments feature in the Shopee application, we could not find a way to pay FIFGroup installments on Shopee. Some of the installments we found in this app include:

  • AEON Credit Service Indonesia, Artha Prima Finance.
  • BPR Mandiri Credit, Bima Finance.
  • Busan Auto Finance (BAF), JACCS MPM Finance Indonesia.
  • Jtrust Olympindo, Mandala Finance, Trihamas Finance.
  • Mega Auto Finance, Mega Central Finance, Mega Finance.
  • Mitra Dana Top Finance, NCS Finance, Permata Finance.
  • Radana Finance, Smart Finance, SMS Finance.

Federal International Finance (FIF Group) may not have collaborated with the Shopee marketplace, so the name FIF does not appear in the list of available installment credits.

If the FIF bill payment option on Shopee is available, users can go directly to the Shopee application homepage and enter ‘Credit Installment’. After logging in, please follow these instructions:

Select Loan Provider > FIF > View Billing > Next > Click Pay Now > Enter Partner PIN if prompted.

Those are the steps in the FIF payment process at Shopee, if they are available. Please follow the latest updates for this application to find out if FIF Group services have collaborated with Shopee, so that you can pay bills more easily.

Alternative to Paying Online FIF Grub Bills Apart from Shopee

In this digital era, people who have dependents in the form of vehicle tax credit bills in the FIF group can make payments without the need to visit the payment office or the relevant dealer.

There are several place options that you can visit to be able to pay FIF bills online other than through the Shopee application, including:

  • Alfamart or Indomaret
  • ATM BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri as well as via sms and internet banking of each bank.
  • Pay the FIF bill through the Post Office.

If you have further questions regarding FIF monthly installment payments via online channels without visiting the office, please contact CS Fif at 1500-343. Related parties will provide several alternative easy bill payments without having to go to the office.

Other Bill Payments Shopee App

There is no offer of vouchers, cashback, and free shipping, Shopee application users are also given various facilities for paying bills online, such as:

  • PLN Electricity Bill
  • Internet & Cable TV Bills
  • Land and Building Tax or Land and Building Tax Bill.
  • Postpaid Bills
  • Credit Installment Bill
  • Credit Card Bill
  • PDAM bill
  • BPJS Bill
  • Telkom Bill
  • Indihome Minipack Bill
  • Tuition Fee Bill
  • PGN Bill
  • Cable & Internet Installation Bill
  • Charges Bill
  • IPL Bill

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This is the information that we can convey regarding paying for FIFGroup at Shopee. I hope the little info we share above is useful for people who apply for a vehicle loan at this FIF.

At the time this article was written, maybe Shopee had not provided the FIF payment option in this application. Julybe if Shopee application users are available, they can make installment payments or installments easier. Thank you and hopefully useful.