Paying UTBK Late? This is the Consequence – UTBK registrants who take the SBMPTN test, there may still be many who have not completed the transfer process. This is triggered by several reasons, both economic and personal factors.

We can take an example if the economy is difficult or does not have money. Because each person’s financial condition is different, especially during this pandemic, everything is difficult, even oil.

Even this kind of condition sometimes makes registrants wonder, what if they are late in paying the UTBK, are there any fines or other consequences for this delay?

Well, below we will provide a brief explanation related to the consequences if the UTBK payment is late and what to do if it happens to someone who wants to take the SBMPTN test. Here is the information.

What Happens When Late Payment for UTBK?

If someone is late in making the UTBK payment process, then it is very detrimental to the registrant. The reason is that the UTBK bill payment invoice system has a fairly short expiration period.

So, how long does this UTBK invoice expire, min? Why does the text above include a short time?

It is known that the UTBK expiration period after the registration process is carried out is a maximum of 2 days. That means that participants are only given 2x 24 hours to complete the payment process.

Therefore, please use that little time to get the money. so that the registration process can run smoothly.

Payment Slip Solution Expired

When you have registered but still haven’t had time to pay, so it enters the invoice expiration period. Then you need to find a solution.

The solution to this expired payment slip is to have to re-register for UTBK again. This is because participants who are late in paying UTBK have lost the opportunity to use the payment method with the invoice system. Wherever if it has expired it will be deleted by the system.

After re-registering for UTBK, participants will get a new UTBK payment slip that can be reused. So, you just have to use it as a substitute for paying the late UTBK beforehand.

This is the information we can convey regarding late payments for UTBk and the consequences. Registrants need to make payments immediately so that the billing slip does not expire.

Indeed, the duration of time given to pay for UTBK is not so long, which is only 2 days. Therefore, as a person who takes part in the SBMPTN test, you need to pay for it immediately. So that consequences like this don’t happen to you. Thank you and hopefully useful.