Photo Solution Not Appearing on Instagram Hashtags

The use of hashtags is to group content like a category. Almost all social media have this feature to organize posting topics so that they are easier to reach by users.

On Instagram, hashtags can be applied to photo and video content. So that later the content will appear on the hashtag page that is written. And it can also be used more than one to reach more other Instagram users.

Until now, hashtags are still widely used by many people to do promotion. That’s why sometimes a post has a lot of hashtags that are used to reach as many people as possible.

But there are obstacles that may occur, where the content similar to the photos you use does not appear on the hashtag page. And of course it will affect the reach of the post.

Photo and Video Solutions Not Appearing on Instagram Hashtag Pages

This problem is not entirely caused by an account, because sometimes the Instagram system may experience delays in displaying results on certain hashtag pages. However, there are some suggestions you can do to make sure that this is not a problem with your account.

If the problem is from the Instagram side, there must be no other way to solve it except to wait until the system is back to normal. And as I said earlier that this constraint is possible is just delay course, which you just need to wait a while until it returns to normal.

Don’t Use Blocked Hashtags

Instagram also blocked a hashtag that was deemed to violate community standards. Includes violence, adult content, and so on. So that all posts on the hashtag page will not be displayed.

So it’s a good idea before making a post, first make sure the hashtag you want to use is not blocked so that the post can appear to everyone.

Check Through the Instagram Website

Not only in the application, but on the Instagram website it can also be used to view hashtags and all their posts. You can do this to make sure that the problem is not the Instagram application that you are using.

So try opening the Instagram website and after that look for the hashtag you are using. If your post can appear, that’s a sign that the problem is only from the application. And to solve it, please logout and then login back in the app.

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Excessive Use of Hashtags

Using too many hashtags will be bad for the account. If this is continuously done, then the occurrence of missing posts on the hashtag page could happen because the account was detected carrying out activity spam.

In fact, not only posts are lost, but your account can also be suspended if you do this spam continuously. Sometimes Instagram’s system will also temporarily block the use of hashtags for a week or so.

The use of a lot of hashtags is indeed not a problem as long as the posts are on topic, besides that don’t make posts too quickly with the same hashtag, because that is also an action that is not allowed.

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