Powerful Tips to Distinguish Authenticity Honey

Tips for distinguishing the authenticity of honey – Have you ever felt cheated to buy fake honey? If so, you must have understood more or less about how to distinguish the authenticity of honey, whether original or fake. Actually, there is no fake honey, only natural honey added with other accessories, maybe like water or sugar, so there are lots of them and it is profitable for interested parties.

Well, of course, you as a consumer, of course, feel a loss, at the same price, you can actually get original honey without any ingredients (natural) but you get “fake” honey. Honey is a syrup-like liquid, honey is thicker and tastes sweeter, produced by bees and other insects from flower nectar.

In addition, honey that is added with additional ingredients generally has less durability, unlike real honey. Why honey can be original can be infinite because the water content in original honey is quite low, namely 0.5. Of course, original honey also contains various nutrients that are expected by the body. Here is a list of nutritional content in honey:

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

Now, of the many nutritional contents, it is not wrong if you have to consume natural honey, but the problem is how to get honey that is truly natural without the slightest frills. If you want the original of course you have to raise the wasps yourself, but that’s also an obstacle for most people. One way that can be done to get this honey is to buy it. And hopefully a few tips to find out honey that is truly genuine. Here are tips to distinguish the authenticity of honey.

Powerful Tips to Distinguish Authenticity Honey

The price of original honey certainly has a fairly expensive price than fake honey. It’s best to first check the price of original honey, if you are offered honey which is much cheaper, of course you are offered fake honey, even though the price of each honey from a different type of wasp is also not the same but does not have a large amount of difference.

Test using Paper
You can test the authenticity of honey using Hvs paper or notebook paper. The trick is to smear honey on paper, paper coated with original honey will not tear easily, while paper coated with fake honey will tear very easily because the honey is certain to have a high water content and of course because the honey has been mixed with water.

The second way to test the authenticity of honey is to heat it. It’s quite simple, pour honey in a spoon then you light a match under the spoon earlier. Real honey will contain a lot of foam while fake honey will contain a little foam.

Enter Water
The original honey that is dropped into the water will not mix, it will fall to the bottom of the water, but the fake honey will actually dissolve with the white water.

Using a lighter
Test the authenticity of honey can also be done with matches. Dip the head of the match, then scrape. If it is lit, then the honey dipped in the match is original and if not, then the honey is fake honey because it contains a lot of water so the match does not light up.

The last way I share this is to store it in the refrigerator. Real honey will not freeze even if stored in the refrigerator, while fake honey will freeze just like the water we usually store in the refrigerator.