Powerful Tips to Overcome a Clogged Wc / Toilet

Overcome a clogged toilet – This tutorial responded to Doni’s question some time later and sorry I can only share the tutorial now about a simple way to deal with a clogged toilet or toilet at home, you can also send questions about how to tutorials by sending via email or sending directly to the email form in the lower right corner. Ok, back to the topic of “overcoming clogged toilets” often tissue, sanitary napkins and leftover dirt often make the toilet / toilet in our house clogged so it can’t be used. Have to wait for the new Wc vacuum cleaner to be able to use the toilet.

When in fact you can overcome a clogged toilet or toilet in a simple and safe way to use. Toilet vacuum cleaners usually use caustic soda, certain chemicals or carry out suction to overcome clogged toilets, but of course you have to spend money for that and you also have to be careful when using caustic soda to deal with clogged toilets because caustic soda is dangerous to use, so it must be done. according to the instructions of a professional.

Now this time I will share about how to overcome a clogged toilet or toilet in a safe way and use materials that you can easily find around you. Of course, to overcome a clogged toilet or toilet that ends up being clogged, it’s not because the septic tank is full, you know… if it’s full, you have to call a WC vacuum cleaner. Here’s how to deal with a clogged toilet or toilet:

Powerful Tips to Overcome a Clogged WC / Toilet

Stop watering too much
Stop flushing a lot of water to avoid overflowing the toilet. If you use the toilet seat turn off the faucet or do not flush too much water if you use a squat cap.

Using hot/boiling water
Bring half a pot of water to a boil and after it is really boiling, gradually pour the hot water into a clogged toilet, make sure to use safe equipment and keep your face away from hot steam. Do it little by little, the hot water will destroy the material such as tissue blockage or hardened dirt that causes the toilet or toilet to be clogged.

Using soapy water
Soapy water can also overcome clogged toilets or toilets due to tissue blockages or accumulated dirt. Use dish soap then pour it into the toilet hole then stir until a lot of foam comes out (of course use a tool, don’t use your hands hehehehe….) Let stand for approximately 15-30 minutes then flush using clean water, dirt and tissue that becomes a clog will dissolve.

Using bleach
Bleaching or clothes bleach that you usually use to bleach your clothes can also be used to destroy piles of dirt and tissue paper that clog your toilet. Simply pour bleach or bleach into your toilet hole and wait for 30 minutes then flush with clean water.

Using wire
Now if you have done the above method but it is still clogged, it could be that your toilet is clogged due to solid material or it could be due to sanitary napkins. Now to overcome this, prepare a wire that is a bit stiff and strong (so that it can be bent and able to push the blockage) you can use a clothes drying hanger wire. Now insert the end of the wire into the toilet hole then a match to destroy the plug, either pads or other material, do it until your toilet hole is smooth.

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