Prequel App Cartoon: Viral Cartoon Filter 2022 Prequel App is a photo and video editing application that is quite a lot in search of lately. This app, provides a variety of excellent features in it, such as presets and filters.

The Prequel Apk is currently being uploaded and viral on TikTok. The post features someone turning their photo into a 3D cartoon, using the help of the Prequel app.

If you are a person who likes to edit photos or videos, then it is necessary to try out this Prequel apk. However, before that, you first know what this Prequel Cartoon application is.

What is a Prequel Cartoon App?

Prequel Cartoon is a photo and video editing application that provides various presets or aesthetic filters. One application that many glance at because it is able to turn photos into cartoons, through its cartoon filters.

In addition to cartoon filters, in Prequel there are also many other effects that you can try. Because, there are still many things you can try from this free service prequel filter apk.

So, what makes this Prequel Cartoon app viral? Is it just the card filter, or is there something else?.

Apart from users who often use Prequel cartoon filters, this application still has many excellent features that other applications do not have. For example: can edit photos and videos, turn them into cartoons, 100 more fonts and stickers, 240 more aesthetic filters, 260 more photo and video effects, and others.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using this prequel application, you can read the guide to download, install, and use the viral Prequel apk on Tiktok 2022.

How to Download Prequel App apk

Indeed, the Prequel application is legally available on Google Play and the App Store. prospective users can directly download it on the application container device OS and iOS.

The method is also quite easy, please just type the words ‘prequel or prequel’ in the search field. Then, this application will appear. After that, just download and install the Prequel: Aesthetic Editor application.

As for those of you who don’t like the original version, we also provide a mod version of the Prequel apk. So, please choose an application according to your device and wishes.

Prequel Application Download Link

Download Prequel For Android:

Download Prequel For iOS:

Download Prequel App Mod :

Apk Prequel web version :

Notes: The difference between the modified Prequel and the official is only in its features. You can use this Prequel Mod Apk to access premium features for free, which usually requires additional fees for premium access.

How To Use Prequel Apk To Turn Photos\Videos Into Cartoon

Well, for those of you who don’t know how to make cartoons using this prequel application. So, below we have presented the complete guide. Check this out..

  1. Open the prequel app.
  2. Then type ‘cartoon’ in the filter search field.
  3. Next, click on the cartoon filter you want to use.
  4. If so, click the Use Preset button.
  5. The next step, select the photo or video that you want to turn into a cartoon.
  6. Wait for the photo change process through this latest Prequel apk.
  7. If the photo has changed, click Export and Save to save the photo into the Gallery application. Done

Now you have successfully created a cartoon photo using this Prequel Cartoon 2022 app. please upload it to social media so that your friends also know that there is this latest image-to-cartoon application.

That’s the information we can present related to this 2022 Prequel. Hopefully some of the information we provide is useful for you. Especially those who are looking for the Prequel app that converts images to cartoons.