Procedure for Taking Complete Loss Letter

How do you feel when your wallet is lost even though it contains important letters such as SIM, ID card, STNK, ATM etc. Of course these letters are very useful for you, you can’t travel for fear of your vehicle without complete documents such as SIM and STNK. Well of course the first thing you do when you lose the data is to report it to the authorities and hope that your wallet containing important letters can be found and returned to you of course.

Now while waiting if there is a kind person who returns your important letters in your wallet, you can use the lost letter along with a photocopy of the letter as a replacement for the original lost letter. Letters of loss are also useful for taking care of the needs of making / replacing your lost letters such as new ID cards, driver’s licenses, ATMs and STNKs. The letter of loss is valid only for 14 days after which you can extend it again, so here are some ways to get a letter of loss that you can do yourself or be represented by bringing an identity card (which represents) and a photocopy of the letter of loss.

Bring a cover letter from the village / kelurahan
Bring a cover letter from the village or village. This cover letter is free or you can pay the administration fee sincerely (I gave 5 thousand rupiah).

Come to the Office of the Authorities / Police
Come to the nearest police station to report your missing case, in some areas you are also asked to bring a cover letter from the village or sub-district. Prepare an ID card, driver’s license or other identity card because you will be asked for your personal data at the police station. If you are the one who lost it, prepare a photocopy of your identity and a photocopy of the missing letter. For the case of losing your KTP, SIM and other identity cards, you can request a Domicile Certificate from the village or sub-district where you live.

  • Loss of STNK, must bring a photocopy of the lost STNK, or if not, show a photocopy of BPKB and photocopy of ID card. If BKPB does not exist yet (because it is still in installments), please ask for a certificate from the leasing/dealer. If the BPKB is still being pawned, bring a certificate from the party who pawned it.
  • Lost SIM, must say photocopy of lost SIM, if not present, SIM number.
  • Lost the atm card, must say the bank account number and the branch office where you opened the account.
  • If you lose your ID card, you must state a photocopy of the lost ID card, if not, you must state the 16-digit population identification number (NIK).

Answer the question
You will be asked about the case of your loss like what was lost? lost time? Where did the loss occur? and other questions concerning your case. Please answer correctly and clearly.

Checking the Loss Certificate Form
After you have answered all the questions the police will type a Loss Certificate form according to the questions you answered. After the final, the police will ask you to re-check the contents of the form. Check carefully and if there is something wrong or imperfect, please tell the police before the letter is signed by the authorities. After all the complete files are reported, they will be printed and legalized from the Polsek. For a fee? Just give it sincerely, there are no official fees, it’s all up to you.

If the statement of loss form is correct, you just have to wait for the officer to sign and give the police stamp. The time for making lost letters is only about 10-15 minutes, depending on the level of difficulty and accurate files/data.

One thing we can learn from is, be careful and always be aware of your belongings, and another thing that is no less important is, always photocopy all your important files/letters, and save the photocopies in your computer. a safe area. So that someday it will be useful in the future. Well maybe that’s all I can convey, so that it is useful and thank you for visiting this blog.