Procedures & Steps to Register Google Adsense

How to register Google Adsense – Google Adsense is an alternative to make money from your blog or website. Google adsense as one of the online money generators through the adsense networking system or ad provider network through the PPC system or pay per click. That means you will be paid when a blog visitor executes a valid ad or clicks on an ad displayed on your blog or website. The amount of ad payments really depends on the type of your adsense account, the agreement between the advertiser (advertiser) and Google adsense as the ad provider, the type of visitor (organic, direct and location), ad placement and ad relevance. Generally you will be paid between 0.01-100 dollars (depending on the type of ad, publisher account and location based on my own experience)

With the popularity of Google Adsense, reliable, relevant ads and high click payments, many blogs or websites are competing to be able to get this Adsense account. Signing up is easy, but to become a publisher member or a member of Google Adsense, it’s hard not to play (including me before being accepted) but after being accepted, it’s not too difficult hehehe… After you are accepted into Google Adsense, it’s time for you to make money, If you are able to pay out or get paid every month from Google Adsense, you must have a very large number of visitors, because at least you can receive money after meeting the payment threshold of 100 dollars via bank check, western union, or paypal.

According to many blog or web owners, getting accepted as an Adsense publisher is difficult, but that’s what you don’t know? Actually, Google doesn’t make it difficult for you to become a publisher, or put forward burdensome conditions. What is detailed is that Google will get your blog or website if your blog or website is indeed worthy of being a publisher. Read also tips to be accepted by google adsense before you register your blog or website, hopefully it will make it easier for you to be accepted by Google Adsense. So here are the procedures and steps for registering Google Adsense.

Steps to Register Google Adsense

Send application
The most important thing to be accepted by Google AdSense is to have a website with interesting content, original, not violating the rules, useful for your users and of course your blog or website deserves to be an Adsense publisher. So before submitting an application to AdSense, check whether your site has interesting and original content, this also applies to those of you who will re-apply the Google adsense list so that your blog or website has been improved and is more suitable for ad publishers. After your blog or website is ready and indeed worthy, then register with Google Adsense, because if your blog is not ready or does not meet the expected criteria, then your blog is definitely not accepted. Here are tips for registering your blog or website:

If your blog or website is a hosted site (Google friend site) such as Blogger, Youtube, Hubpages or the like then you can register your blog on the web platform, for this hosted or friend site you will get a profit sharing payment and for bloggers you will receive 68 %, you will get full if you upgrade your hosted account to non-hosted account. Special registrations for content blogs will be reviewed twice. Also read how sign up for google adsense via blog you. If your blog is a friend’s site like blogger, you can register directly on the blog while for blogs or websites that have no friend’s connection (non-hosted) you can directly visit to register. Because the registration process between friend and non-friend accounts has a different application process.

After you register and fill in the conditions provided, your blog will be reviewed or reviewed by the Google team (address, URL, etc.) within 2×24 hours (at this time your account can be used but not yet able to place ads) and after that will reviewed again in about a week and Google will send you an email regarding the status of your application. If the application is not approved, you will receive an email explaining the reason for the rejection and the possible next steps that can be taken to improve your blog or website for a re-application in the future (you need to know I was rejected up to 10 times, corrected the list again until the new 11th actually received, fully approved).

Placing ad leads on your site
After the Google team has verified your information (in the first review as discussed above), then you must create and place your first ad unit code and place the ad code at the URL you provided in the application. You will only see blank ad units on your site until you pass the second review and we will fully activate your AdSense account. In this first review, the Adsense team will review your blog whether your blog or website is worthy and meets Google’s policies. You will also see a red bar along the top of the account stating that you are still under review (if your adsense account is accepted and will disappear when your account is fully activated). After you are accepted congratulations you have succeeded and are ready to make money on your blog or website.